2017-03-20 / Opinion

AARP opposes proposed health care bill

To the Editor,

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the proposed new Health Care Bill (HCB), if passed, would shorten the life of Medicare, phase out the expansion of Medicaid, and result in 24 million people who are currently insured, losing their insurance. Under the proposed law, 52 million people would lack health insurance by the year 2026. That's compared to 28 million under current law.

To make matters worse, older Americans, most of whom can least afford it, could be charged more under the proposed HCB — a result of the so-called "age tax."

Equally worrisome are the items omitted from the proposed HCB. For example, there is no provision in the proposal allowing negotiation for prescription drug prices and legalizing the safe importation of those drugs from select countries. Yet the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs, far above the rate of inflation year after year, are the main drivers of the higher costs of health care overall.

AARP opposes this proposed Health Care Bill, rightly so.

Robert Denz
South Sutton, NH

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