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The Right View was wrong!

To the Editor,

Again, I feel I must respond to a recent "sarcastically written" editorial.

In the editorial it was written that "Democrats, it would appear, are correct about EVERYTHING."

Democrats NEVER claimed to have all the answers! But the Republican candidate now occupying space in the Oval Office DID! 

His fake/incorrect promises were exactly what got him elected!

As for health care being a "fundamental right," I personally would like to see all politicians and others who oppose "health care for all," go without it for a year.

You cannot even imagine what it is like unless you have been there.

Democrats and others are NOT asking for luxury cars and penthouses!


Also, no one I know blames the country's economic woes on the Republicans.

However it was D.T. who promised to get jobs back to those working in inevitably dying industries.

I truly believe most of this great country's financial failures were caused by good old American greed.

I also believe that the Second Amendment was never intended to give insane humans the right to carry arms. Some form of gun control is a good thing. 

I do not believe the Democrats ever asked for complete gun control. 
Remember Newtown, Connecticut and other horrific crimes that just may not have happened if .........

Regarding Mr Right/Wrong's opinions on transgender etc..........

When I think of conjoined twins, I think of how possible it is to have been born different. As D.T.'s people would say, I say, "let my own words speak for themselves."

Also in regards to immigration, I, and a lot of other Democrats, do believe we need improvement. 

In my opinion, the problem with Mr Right/Wrong's editorial is it was written with an "all or nothing" mind set. 

Nothing in life is all right or all wrong. Life is naturally a big compromise!

Linda Brown
Springfield, Vt.

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