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Support change in public education funding

To the Editor,

House Bill 356 was retained in committee and was amended to establish a committee to study education funding and the cost of an opportunity for an adequate education. The results of this study committee are going to be recommendations for the 2019 legislative body. Their recommendations will deal with the problem of phasing out the annual state aid education stabilization funds to towns and cities, and also with the “Claremont Decision."

I believe the New Hampshire legislature is coming to the realization that they need to deal with education funding and with the “Claremont Decision." I have advertised HB356 on social media. Although I’ve presented this bill to the Claremont city government and school board, they have not seemed willing to identify the positive attributes in HB356 and seem to be ignoring it.

I believe the city and the school board need to get behind this bill to give relief to the small percentage of actual property tax payers (approximately 20 percent of properties) in Claremont. The bill that I sponsored with a representative from Franklin, which dealt with the freeze on the yearly reduction of stabilization education funding, was also retained in the same study committee and is now part of HB356. In short, the “Claremont Decision” is being worked on.

If you are a concerned property tax payer or renter in the city of Claremont, please contact members of the city council, the mayor, the city manager, and members of the school board, and urge them to lobby the HB356 study committee to come up with positive legislation in regard to state funding of public education. You can find their email addresses on the City of Claremont website.

Rep. Francis Gauthier
Claremont, Ward 1

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