Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Hedges: Great windbreaks for winter

Although I’ve never read a scientific paper on the value of hedges for garden plants, my personal theory is that they are beneficial, particularly in winter. More...

Posted 2/23/2017 02:46 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Upcoming flower shows in the region

Spring arrives every year, but never soon enough for most of us gardeners. More...

Posted 2/16/2017 03:30 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

Learn the science of seconds in 'Why Time Flies'

Your last vacation was really fun.Those seven days felt like 10 minutes. And then you were back to work, where 10 minutes can seem like seven days. More...

Posted 2/16/2017 03:17 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Let it snow

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful. More...

Posted 2/9/2017 03:27 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Two trees your birds need

Recently a blue jay turned to me and said, “Thanks, Henry, for planting those hemlocks and pine trees back in 1972!” Well, perhaps I’m presenting alternative facts here, but I know that the birds really do appreciate those trees. More...

Posted 2/2/2017 03:10 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'Kadian Journal' an emotional glimpse through a greiving parent's eyes

It only takes a second.One-sixtieth of a minute, a fraction of an hour, about two blinks. You have tens of thousands of such moments each day and you don’t even notice them, really. More...

Posted 2/2/2017 02:47 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Farmers and FSMA

Last week I attended a conference that alerted us farmers to the federal law, rules and regulations that now guide our production methods when growing food. More...

Posted 1/26/2017 05:46 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Twelve rules for gardeners

I do a lot of public speaking, and was recently asked to give a talk that put forth a list of “Commandments” for gardeners.  Not wanting to sound pretentious, I decided that 12 rules sounded better than 10 commandments. Here they are:1. More...

Posted 1/19/2017 04:31 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Michelle Obama and the White House Garden

I recently was re-organizing my gardening books and came across a great book by Michelle Obama, "American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America" (Crown Publishers, 2012, $30 in hardback). More...

Posted 1/12/2017 03:50 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'What Doesn't Kill Us' a guide for the thrill seeker

You might need an extra blanket tonight.Or three, because the temperature doesn’t seem to match your comfort level. Brrrrrrrrr. More...

Posted 1/12/2017 03:32 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Growing tropical fruit

Are you tired of winter already? Grow fruit! Last year I decided to do just that, and now have three Meyer lemons ripening up on a little tree in a south-facing window, and have a lime tree that has potential, but is yet to bloom. More...

Posted 1/5/2017 02:46 PM

Notes From The Garden &nbsp

Nine root crop stew

Rutabagas? Kohlrabi? Celeriac? What does one do with these lesser known root crops? I make stew. More...

Posted 12/22/2016 06:26 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Christmas tree: Part three

I’ve written about trees a lot lately, but they have been the focus of my existence for the last several weeks.    More...

Posted 12/22/2016 05:53 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

My picks for this year's Golden Globes

In a few weeks — Jan. 8, 2017 to be exact — we get to see one of the bigger movie awards ceremonies of the year. Awards season is a great time of year to be a movie fan. More...

Posted 12/15/2016 03:21 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

'Bad Santa' sequel a far cry from the original

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus,” but this lewd inebriated version of Santa Claus is possibly an insane one. More...

Posted 12/8/2016 03:03 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'When Churchill Slaughtered Sheep and Stalin Robbed a Bank' by Giles Milton

Was your old high school history teacher wrong?You can’t imagine so; she taught you all about World Wars I and II, America’s past, and British history. But could you have missed something? What don’t you know? More...

Posted 12/8/2016 01:27 AM

Book Nook &nbsp

'Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis' by J.D. Vance

Home is where the heart is. It’s where folks take you in because they love you, and put up with your nonsense for the same reason. It’s where you go when there’s nowhere else — a haven both for body and soul. More...

Posted 12/1/2016 02:35 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Giving thanks

We live in a wonderful community. If you just look around a little bit, you will find lots of people helping people.    More...

Posted 11/24/2016 04:55 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'How to Move to Canada' by André du Broc

Your candidate didn’t win.Despite your best efforts, yard signs and bumper stickers, the rallies you attended and the posts you made on social media, the vote didn’t go your way. More...

Posted 11/17/2016 02:05 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Lessons in wood

We live in a forest, wherever you are reading this, and we are very fortunate that we do. You can’t go even a few feet and not see a tree around here. More...

Posted 10/27/2016 03:10 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'A Life Everlasting' by Sarah Gray

It was a very bad time.One of the worst of your life, in fact, and you will never forget it. You’ll do what you can to move on, though. More...

Posted 10/6/2016 03:13 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

My favorite films, shows on Hulu

Awhile back I wrote about current movies on Netflix, now it is time for me to do Hulu, one of the other leading candidates in streaming service. Hulu is a little different to Netflix. More...

Posted 9/29/2016 03:57 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'Crossing the Thinnest Line' by Lauren Leader-Chivée

Your business is doing well. It could do better.Just like every other business in America, you have good weeks and bad. Sales go up and they flatten. You have financial feast-or-famine and you’d like more of the former than the latter. More...

Posted 9/29/2016 02:16 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

‘Elizabeth and Michael’ by Donald Bogle

Certainly, this book is a fan’s dream, but it’s also one that pop culture followers will relish, too. And if that’s the kind of book you want now, then “Elizabeth and Michael” is what you need to get you. More...

Posted 9/9/2016 11:18 AM

Bramblings &nbsp

Tapping into nature's beauty

The tapping is done. We have “tapped in” slightly more than 3,000 maple taps this year, just in time for the first run of maple sap. More...

Posted 2/23/2017 02:37 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'Never Caught' a thrilling story of one of Washington's slaves

Run, run, run.Some days, it feels like that’s all you do. Run the kids to school, dash to work, rush with errands, and run yourself ragged before bed. More...

Posted 2/23/2017 02:16 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

No time to complain ‘bout the weather

It seems that my world winds around snow lately, just as yours does at this point of the winter. More...

Posted 2/16/2017 03:25 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Four great plants to brighten up the house

Winter is tough on many gardeners, myself included. We need flowers blooming and plants to tend. But many of us are not enthralled with standard houseplants because they are often fussy and, if over-watered, too easy to kill. More...

Posted 2/9/2017 03:43 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'The Blood of Emmett Till' by Timothy B. Tyson

You really can’t remember.For sure, something important happened years ago, something you should recall very easily, but time’s made things fuzzy. Have you forgotten, or worse yet, have you just remembered everything wrong? More...

Posted 2/9/2017 03:19 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Dirt road etiquette

I live on a dirt road. For many years, a few decades ago, the town maintenance supervisor lobbied to make some changes, citing a couple of near misses on a “bad” corner of the road. More...

Posted 2/2/2017 03:07 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'Man on the Run' a notch above author's previous novels

Catch me if you can.You might have said that once, giggling. You may have yelled it at a game one afternoon. You said it, maybe, in a flirtatious manner on some romantic evening. More...

Posted 1/26/2017 05:25 PM

Notes from the Garden &nbsp

Is it time to starting seedlings?

A reader, Vicki,  wrote recently asking if it’s time to start Brussels sprouts indoors, and if so, how? No, it’s not time for them yet, but I will start a few things soon. Here are some tips. More...

Posted 1/26/2017 06:02 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

A snowy morning

A January snowstorm has just dropped a few inches of snow on us as I write. The trees outside the living room window are dressed with a beautiful coat of snow, and the world is beautiful and snow-covered.    More...

Posted 1/19/2017 03:44 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Losing critters and farms

As we were eating lunch the other day, I glanced out the window and saw a huge owl taking off from a pine tree at the edge of the field in front of the farmhouse. More...

Posted 1/12/2017 03:42 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

My top films from 2016

Although 2016 was a down year it certainly does not mean good movies were not made, mostly it just means not a lot of good movies were made. More...

Posted 1/11/2017 05:43 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Hope and plan

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, wealth and happiness! Happy Holidays! More...

Posted 1/5/2017 02:39 PM

Book Nook &nbsp

'You’re a Leader, Charlie Brown' full of business advice, humor

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.That’s how it is with business: you have to laugh because if you didn’t, you’d cry. It’s been that way for the past few years: up and down, good and bad, and there’s always room for improvement. More...

Posted 1/5/2017 02:32 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

'Rogue One' a good bridge between Episodes 7 and 8

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far far away inClaremont's cinema "Rogue One" did play.The best movie ever made those whosaw it have been known to say.Not so fast I would jest, More...

Posted 12/22/2016 05:56 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are gracing many homes with lights twinkling and blinking and garland wrapping around the evergreen. Lots of these trees are faux forest dwellers, but many are the real deal.    More...

Posted 12/15/2016 02:36 PM

Holiday gifts for the gardener &nbsp

It’s that time of the year again: time to figure out good gifts for Uncle Albert and your sister Sadie. If they’re gardeners, gifts are easy to pick. There are plenty of items that cost from $5 to $300, and generally, one size fits all. More...

Posted 12/8/2016 01:30 AM

Bramblings &nbsp

The tall and the short of it

Short ones. Fat ones. Tall and skinny ones. Darker colored and lighter colored ones. Limbs far apart and limbs close together. Aromatic ones. Ones that don’t smell at all. More...

Posted 12/8/2016 03:50 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

Netflix gets it right with 'Gilmore Girls' revival

In the fall of 2001, after graduating high school, I found myself in the same frame of mind that most young adults do, asking myself “what do I want to do with my life?” More...

Posted 12/1/2016 03:55 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Never quit

NVR QWT. That is the license plate I saw the other day as I was running errands. I have a semi-successful track record interpreting license plates as my kids would attest, but this one seemed clear to me. Never quit.   More...

Posted 12/1/2016 03:27 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

Not enough action in 'Jack Reacher' sequel

Do I capture the essence of the first film?This is a question every sequel should ask itself, especially if the first film was successful. The filmmakers involved with “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” should have asked themselves this question. More...

Posted 11/17/2016 02:35 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Partridge-inspired ponderings

We were looking at the progress of the pruning operation in the raspberry patch this week when my husband noticed some feathers stuck in the grill of the truck. A little investigation, and we discovered that we had hit a partridge. More...

Posted 11/17/2016 02:17 PM

Irate Movies &nbsp

'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' not Burton's best

These past weeks have been peculiar enough all by themselves, but as I tend to do, I chose to make it even more peculiar by seeing “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children” (Peregrine's). More...

Posted 10/6/2016 03:32 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Color splash

Taking a drive from home to Lebanon through Claremont for an appointment, I was impressed by the foliage and was a true leaf peeper. More...

Posted 10/6/2016 03:08 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

The need for fall rain

The calendar turned over another season last week as we entered autumn. The first day of fall was a hot, sunny, summery day. I had stolen a few days away from the farm to spend it at the seacoast, and didn’t notice that it was not summer. More...

Posted 9/29/2016 02:40 PM

Bramblings &nbsp

Get outside

The television show Good Morning America told me last week that the average child spends only four to seven minutes per day playing outdoors. This breaks my heart.    More...

Posted 9/15/2016 12:35 PM

Support the NH dairy industry &nbsp

Some of the most beautiful scenery in New Hampshire is beautiful because of the open land we can see — pastures, fields, forests — owned by landowners committed to preserving this “open” and undeveloped land, much of it farms with most of the most pi More...

Posted 9/9/2016 11:17 AM