CLAREMONT (AP) — A second person has been charged in connection with the drug overdose death of a woman who was pregnant with twins, police in New Hampshire said.

Amber Brusco, 36, has been arrested in Claremont on charges of sales of a substance recognized to be fentanyl and heroin in connection with the February death of Kacey Grizzaffi, 22, of Lebanon.

Brusco was released on personal recognizance bail and her arraignment was scheduled for July 16. It wasn’t immediately known if she had lawyer, and a phone number was disconnected.

Earlier this year, police had arrested Christopher Santolucito, 36, of Claremont, on charges of selling drugs that resulted in deaths.

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There will be no quarantine, protesting or riots over another overdose because we in society still relate addiction to family problems, choice and will power. Addiction turns people into slaves to their drug “of choice” and in most cases puts them in jail and eventually kills them. I live in Chester we have lost more people to overdose than Covid19 during the pandemic. Our culture is a mess. The State of Vt is paying to put addicts in motels in Brattelboro and in Rutland to keep them off the street because of Covid and we keep having to bail out the Retreat I believe recovery statistics very very poor. In modern culture so many people have opinions and passion about ideas and what is right and wrong. Social media and entertainment news shows create platforms for opinions as does this very method I’m using. In reality in so many ways we are not doing well in spite of all the opinions. I am sorry I don’t have answers. I quit drinking and drugging right out of High School. I knew I was vulnerable and was able to see where I could end up which was dead or in jail. I will say that if perhaps we add the reality of our vulnerability as human animals to our educational system starting very young maybe that would help. We are like an Ostrich with our head in the sand myself included I don’t want to see or admit what’s happening. My sincere condolences to all families and friends of those who have lost loved ones too addiction.

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