01152022 Missing Girl

Manchester Police Public Information Officer Heather Hamel holds two reward posters, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022, in Manchester, that show missing girl Harmony Montgomery. The father of the young girl, Adam Montgomery, 31, of Manchester, has been arrested on second-degree assault, custody and child endangerment charges regarding his daughter, but the search for her continues, authorities said Wednesday, Jan. 5.

The police chief in New Hampshire's largest city made another plea Wednesday for anyone with information on Harmony Montgomery, who was last seen in 2019 at age 5, to come forth, saying detectives are working on about 300 tips and the reward fund has grown to $104,000.

“All of them are being investigated," Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said at an impromptu news conference.

“Somebody out there knows something. Whatever strikes in people's conscience as a human being to step forward and do the right thing, whatever it takes," he said.

Police finished their search of a home in Manchester, the last known residence of Harmony Montgomery on Monday as they investigate the disappearance of the New Hampshire girl, who was not reported missing until late last year.

Harmony’s father and stepmother have been arrested on charges related to her well-being. They have pleaded not guilty.

Aldenberg corrected the time when police last saw Harmony. He originally said it was in October 2019 during a service call to the home. He now says that date was September 2019.

Police first became aware Harmony might be missing when they received a call from the girl’s mother in November. The mother, who lost custody of Harmony in 2018, had been trying to locate the girl for months, police said.

He said police actually began their missing person investigation on Dec. 27 after hearing from the state's child protective services division that she could not be found.

“I'm going to be honest with you, I'm a little discouraged, but we remain determined on finding Harmony and bringing her home to the people that care for her," he said.

When asked if thought Harmony was still alive, Aldenberg said, “I'm going to. ... until somebody tells me otherwise or shows me something concrete, invaluable, that says that you should not, than this investigation is geared towards as if Harmony is still alive. Wouldn't you want that for you?"

Anyone with information can call the 24-hour tip line at 603-203-6060, he said.

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