LEBANON (AP) — A New Hampshire diner has agreed to update its policies addressing harassment and conduct annual training for employees on their rights under the state’s anti-discrimination law following a complaint, the attorney general’s office said Wednesday.

The Fort in Lebanon also has to report a summary of any complaints made against the restaurant and their resolution as part of a settlement with the office’s civil rights unit. The unit had filed a charge of discrimination with the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights in response to allegations that employees repeatedly referred to the business’s only Black employee using racial slurs.

Management did nothing to correct the workers’ behavior, the office said, even when it removed a whiteboard with a derogatory message written by the Black employee’s supervisor. Instead, management terminated an employee who had alerted the Black employee about the message, the office said. The Black employee ultimately quit his job as a result of the work environment, the office said.

The Fort cooperated with the investigation. It denies any wrongdoing.

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