CONCORD (AP) — Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday endorsed a police accountability commission’s initial report on training recommendations and gave the panel a 30-day extension to work on other topics, including reporting and investigating police misconduct, and improving law enforcement-community relations.

Sununu supported a job task analysis for entry-level law enforcement officers and corrections officers by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training, along with an overall review of the present academy curriculum. He also supported a database management system to maintain a full record of an officer’s career.

The commission also recommended guidelines to serve as a minimum standard for law enforcement agencies regarding the use of force; duty to intervene; code of conduct; duty to report misconduct; prohibition of choke holds; and procedures to guard against positional asphyxia.

Other recommendations include improving diversity training, and mandating that background investigations specifically vet police recruit candidates “in the area of having demonstrated outward bias of a protected group.”

The Commission on Law Enforcement, Accountability, Community and Transparency was formed in June in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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