NEWPORT — The following cases were heard in Newport Circuit Court during the week ending Aug. 17:

Mary R. Dimauro, 35, 24 Mill Pond Road, New London, pleaded innocent to non-inspection April 28 in Newbury, was found guilty and fined $60.

Camila D. Bial, 181South St., Apartment 2, Claremont, pleaded no contest to failure to have a vehicle registered, was found guilty and fined $100.

Mitchell S. Lakeman, 28, 47 Dobles Road, Sunapee, pleaded no contest to operating without a valid license, was found guilty and fined $50.

Michael J. Porter, 24, 53 Camel Hump Road, Croydon, pleaded innocent to operating a non-registered vehicle Feb. 16 in Newport, was found guilty and fined $100.

A charge of operating without a valid license Feb. 19 in New London against Clifford B. Clegg Jr., 63, Sunapee, was withdrawn.

Sasha A. Clark, 38, 83 West Main St., No. 2, Bradford, pleaded innocent to a non-registration charge April 14 in Newbury, was found guilty and fined $100.

Katherine M. Benson, 28, 33 Whipple Road, No. 5, Newport, failed to appear to answer a charge of abandoning a vehicle Jan. 19 in Newport and the charge was defaulted through the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles.

Todd A. Couitt, 50, 54 Belknap Ave., Newport, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief July 3 in Sunapee and was sentenced to 90 days in the Sullivan County House of Corrections, suspended for one year on good behavior. He pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle and was sentenced to 33 days in the HOC and given credit for 33 days of pretrial confinement.

Sonia Nichols, 45, 132 Wheeler Road, Lempster, pleaded guilty to violation of a protective order April 27 in Lempster and was sentenced to 30 days in the HOC, suspended. She pleaded guilty to resisting arrest/detention and was sentenced to30 days in the HOC with 27 days suspended and given credit for three days of pretrial confinement.

Sasha Wooster, 28, 28 Pleasant St., Newport, pleaded guilty to acts prohibited, control of a premises where a controlled drug, Heroin, was being kept, and was sentenced to 12 months in the HOC with all but 30 days suspended and credit given for 21 days of pretrial confinement. She pleaded guilty to acts prohibited/control of a premises where Fentanyl was being illegally kept, and was sentenced to six months in the HOC, suspended.

Cory Richardson, 35, 125 Mica Mine Road, Unity, pleaded innocent to an amended charge of operating without a valid license, was found guilty and fined $150. The original charge was driving after revocation or suspension.

Ashley D. Widmer, 27, 32 Riverbend Drive, Apartment 4, Newport, pleaded guilty to driving after revocation/suspension; driving under the influence, May 10 in Grantham, was fined $500 and her license revoked for 30 days, held I abeyance for one year; she pleaded guilty to a charge of suspension of a vehicle registration, was fined $500 and her license suspended for one year, the revocation was held in abeyance for one year.

Lloyd Hook, 43, 85 Nichols Road, Lempster, pleaded innocent to use of an electronic device while driving Jan. 31 in Croydon, was found guilty and fined $100.

Ashely A. Kosch, 31, 9 Croydon Turnpike Road, Croydon, pleaded guilty to driving after revocation/suspension May 23 in Newport and was fined $500.

Nicole A. Haskell, 35, 91 Olds Road, Lempster, pleaded guilty to permitting certain goats to enter upon, pass over or remain upon the improved or enclosed land of100 Olds Road, Lempster, without written permission from the owner and thereby injured crops or property, specifically plants, flowers and grass and was fined $100.

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