NEWPORT — The following cases were heard in Newport Circuit Court during the week ending Jan. 18:

A charge of driving after revocation/suspension Sept. 18 in Sunapee against Jennifer M. Castiglioni, 31, 8 Birchfield Road, Newbury, was withdrawn.

Sarah E. Currier, 27, 4 Linden Ave., Newport, pleaded no contest to use of a mobile device while driving April 30 in New London, was found guilty and fined $124.

Titianna Baker, 31, last known address, 54 Quimby Farm Road, Lempster,

pleaded guilty to simple assault in Newbury, was fined $1,500 with $750 suspended for one year on good behavior,

Alice Talkington, 36, 3 Moreno Drive, Woburn, Mass., pleaded innocent to reckless operation Sept. 11 on Interstate 89 in Springfield, speeding 115 mph, and the case was dismissed.

Jonathan Weaver, 31, 79 South Main St., Newport, failed to appear to answer charges of resisting arrest/detention and disobeying an officer April 10 in Newport and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jacob M. Valley, 25, 146 Laurel St., Newport, pleaded innocent to speeding 95 mph Aug. 29 on Interstate 89 in New London, an administrative finding of guilty as handed down and he was fined $350.

Matthew G. Silva, 32, 94 Trow Hill Road, Sunapee, pleaded innocent to speeding 45 mph in a 30 mph zone July 27 in Grantham, an administrative finding of guilty was handed down and he was fined $75.

Scott M. Thomas, 54, 11 Cross St., Newport, pleaded innocent to driving after revocation/suspension Aug. 18 in Newport, an administrative finding of guilty as handed down and he was fined $250.

Crystal Porter, 39, 48 Croydon Brook Road, Croydon, pleaded guilty to simple assault/physical contact Dec. 28 and was sentenced to 30 days in the Sullivan County House of Corrections with 18 days of pretrial confinement credited to the sentence.

Nicholas B. Grasso, 22, 136 Paddy Hollow Road, Claremont, pleaded guilty to reckless operation on Route 10 South in Grantham on June 1, 2018 and was fined $250.

Brian P. Hennings, 22, 6 North Peak Village, Newbury, pleaded guilty to reckless operation Nov. 14 in New London, speeding 67 mph in a 35 mph zone and was fined $500.

Ernest L. Thompson, 35, 540 Old Post Road, Newbury, pleaded guilty to driving after revocation/suspension Oct. 26 in Sunapee and was fined $500.

Eric E. Maier, 41, 119 Pike Hill Road, Newport, pleaded innocent to operating with a suspended vehicle registration Sept. 23 in Grantham and the case was placed on file without a finding.

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