NEWPORT — The only thing burning at the Newport Senior Center this past week was Sullivan County Nutrition Services “Basket of Burning Love”. The lucky winner was Joyce Goodwin.

Joyce took home a wicker basket filled with Belgian chocolates, hand cream, stuffed animal dog, bottle of wine donated by Norwegian Cruise Line, 2 valentine wine glasses, candles, Brunch for two gift certificate donated by Courthouse Restaurant, bubble bath, two movie passes donated by Cinema 6, floral gift certificate donated by Petal Patch and a pair of scratch tickets.

The proceeds from this raffle will go towards SCNS cash match obligation for our Meals-on-Wheels, congregate meals and transportation programs. We would like to thank Anna Dixon for her outstanding saleswoman skills to make this fundraiser a huge success.

This is important because SCNS receives partial state and federal funding to help with the cost of providing these great programs. However, we cannot access these partial funds if we do not match the funds from other resources.

Without the partial support from state and federal sources, we could not operate. The fundraisers, client donations and municipal supports are important to our ability to continue to provide these stupendous programs that you have come to know and love.

In addition, we would like to thank our sponsors once again. We know that businesses are asked to support a lot of beneficial programs available and we are grateful that businesses continue to support the older adults we serve on a daily basis.

The Newport Senior Center and SCNS are both committed to supporting older adults to the best of our ability. Support Comes in many different forms. Whether it is through SCNS meals and transportation services or the NSC socialization activities and active living programs or just providing inspiration to individuals who are experiencing changes during the aging process.

On Thursday, February 20 Thomas Farmen and his dog Bessie will be at the Newport Senior Center at 1 pm to share their inspirational story of how a brave, chocolate Lab has become an expert mentor and teacher on how to grow older with grace and optimism. The discussion is open to the public and is $5 per person.

Sandy Cornish has discovered a new exercise craze that is sure to get your attention. This exciting new exercise program will begin on March 2 at 10 a.m. I don’t want to give out too many details at this time, but hints can be found at the NSC or visit us on Facebook: Newport Senior Center Home of Sullivan County Nutrition Services to find a few more hints.

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