Bradly Abair

Bradly Abair

Bradly Abair, a nine-year old third grader at Richards Elementary School in Newport, kept an eye on the political ads appearing on television/YouTube prior to the recent New Hampshire Primary.

And he formed  an opinion that made political sense to him. When he shared his reasoning with his parents, Nathan Abair and Mandy Tatro, and other relatives, he had quite a listening audience. 

When Uncle Jason said he was going to vote on Feb. 11, young Bradly asked to tag along. Prior to leaving for the Opera House, Bradly asked his parents if they also wanted to head to the polls. His grandmother, Sherry Miller, took Bradly up on his offer.

At that point, Bradly was asked who he liked in the Democratic field. With no hesitation he quickly admitted his choice in that large field was Pete Buttigieg, the former Mayor of South Bend, Ind.

It was time to dig a bit deeper into his thoughts so Bradly was asked why he was a Buttigieg fan.

As a veteran of political ad surfing, Bradly was quick with his response. He revealed that Buttigieg was the only Democratic candidate who “didn’t tell me who to vote for.” 

All the other candidates kept telling me who I had to vote for and I couldn’t vote for anyone else. “I don’t like having people tell me what to do,” he related. He preferred cheering for Mayor Pete because his ads on television allowed Bradly to make up his own mind.

Grandma Miller was reported to be a bit on the fence but after listening to Bradly she thought his reasoning made sense. 

So, off to the polls this politically-smart third grader went with Uncle Jason to get a better idea how the system works. 

As a reward for taking so much interest in the voting process, young Bradly was presented with a sticker that said he voted . He proudly stuck that sticker on his jacket to let his fellow third graders know how easy it is to vote. In another nine years he’ll know exactly what to do on voting day.

Later that Primary Day evening, Bradly’s Mom told him people might not want Pete because he’s gay. “Why would someone not pick him just because he’s gay, that’s not fair, it shouldn’t matter,” Bradly responded.

“That makes me proud and he should think that way,” his mother said. “Something like that should never make a person less than, or treated less than….she continued. 

• • •

In next week’s Argus Champion there will be a chart on what the Newport School District spent to cover the Cost of Utilities over the past three years.

They included Heating Fuel, Transportation Fuel, Electricity and Water & Sewer.

One has to wonder how many of the numbers made any sense at all.

Heating Fuel stood out. 

In Fiscal Year 17-18 the budget called for $164,398 to cover Heating Fuel. The actual was $136,080. Apparently, based on the 17-18 actual, the 18-19 amount budgeted was $119,713 with the actual coming in at $193,794. Now comes 19-20 (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) with a budget of $116,828 and the actual estimated to come in at $188,855.

The second and third years for the electricity numbers were also ones that make little sense.

Maybe some of the numbers are not accurate and if this is the case they should have been thoroughly checked and rechecked three years ago.

When Heating Fuel was budgeted at $119,713 in 18-19 and came in at $193,794,  that’s a big red flag. And then reducing that budget to $116,828  in 19-20 when the actual was $193,794 the previous year makes no sense.

If there are reasons for these swings, then he tax-paying Newport public should be told what happened.

• • •

As a Kansas Jayhawk fan, it was a great week on the basketball court out in Lawrence. By edging Baylor on Saturday in Waco, Texas, the Jayhawks are now No. 1 in the entire country, a nice place to be with March Madness right around the corner.

But don’t expect Baylor to go down easily in the playoffs. It’s interesting to note that Kansas and Baylor are both in the Big 12. How many times do you find  two teams from the same conference running 1-2 at this point of the season.

And even more interesting, the Baylor women are No 2 nationally

In today’s issue I decided to sneak in the Jayhawk while Kansas is No. 1 in the entire country.

Move the Channel 9 Camera

Someone in Newport should get a movement going to get more exposure on Channel 9 Weather each day.

Usually, on a daily basis, Claremont’s Broad Street Park pops up during the Weather segment along with other places in the state. Channel 9 should consider moving  those cameras around a bit to show off other places in New Hampshire.

How about showing Downtown Newport with the Common as a backdrop and letting Broad Street Park rest for a while. And then as summer nears, the camera could be moved to Sunapee Harbor for a few months.

Croydon Chatter

It looks like the Croydon Selectmen will be holding weekly meetings in the future to keep in touch with citizens in their town while working to keep everyone on the same page.

Many folks attending the Tuesday night meeting (about 90) had questions they wanted answered. And that’s why the weekly meetings should be beneficial.  

Having 90 people turn out at a meeting of the Selectmen is highly unusual.  But it’s also positive. Getting potential problems out on the table for discussion is certainly worth the effort.

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