For the first time since 1946, ownership of Claremont Paper Mill, 131 Sullivan St., will be in local hands. Harvey Hill, West Unity, plant manager at the Bemis Division plant until May of this year, will be major stockholder in CPM Inc, new owner of the mill. Hill will be joined by five other unnamed investors, four of whom are local in financing ownership. In addition, Hill and associates will assume ownership of the Bemis paper mill in East Ryegate Center, Vt.

The subject was water and the message was “sink or swim.” The $5.6 million question posed before a sparse, yet concerned crowed Thursday in Stevens High School Auditorium, was whether or not to accept a rate increase amounting to that figure over the next 10 years or to risk possible hardship. City Manager Jerry Maxwell told some 40 people in attendance that without improvements to the present water system, the city would be subject to severe water shortages in the occurrence of droughts and the city would not be able to provide sufficient water.

Photo caption—Receiving commendation for completion of a Special Reaction Team training program were (Kneeling) Claremont patrolman Peter Fontaine; Claremont patrolman Robert Mitchell and Claremont patrolman Ronald Nelson. Standing, from left, Floyd S. Potter, chief of Newport Police; Claremont detective William Durfey; Newport Patrolman Robert Ballou; Claremont patrolman Donald Fontaine; Unit Leader Edgar Lunderville; Newport Patrolman Evans Juris; Claremont Sgt. Michael Prozzo; Newport patrolman Robert Baker; Claremont detective Allen Victor and Joseph R. Devine, chief of Claremont Police.

Photo caption—Representing 61 years of service in the Claremont Warner Cable office, several employees were honored Wednesday morning. Front, from left, Pat Hartzell, Debbie MacAskill and Pat Therrien, 10 years. Back, Terry Gould, one year; Bill Wilford, five years; Charles Fletcher, 15 years, and Manager Bill Roberts, 15 years.

Claremont is back to square one in its bid to limit children’s access to adult literature. And a lot of people think that’s where the city should be. After weeks of haggling over a pornography ordinance many claimed was too repressive, city councilors, the city solicitor and a crowd of more than 100 citizens agreed Wednesday night a simple and limited ordinance will do the trick. What the people who showed up at the meeting want is an ordinance which limits the visual display of adult literature, specifically periodicals. That, say Concerned Citizens of Claremont, is what they wanted in the first place. But it is not what they got.


In a record setting performance the Stevens High cross country team blitzed the Newport Tigers, 15-45, as Jon Tierney took 40 seconds off the course mark. The time of 17:40 over the 3.1 mile Newport course was established by Tierney’s teammate Kevin Fitch who was second yesterday. Tierney had a time of 17:00 while Fitch was on his heels at 17:01. Nobody else crossed the finish line for 60 seconds.

Orion House, a group home in the planning stage for more than four years, will begin accepting children within several weeks. “Our goal is to reunite children with their families,” said house parent Paul Anderson Winchess. “We’re a poor substitute for a family, we talk about setting up a family environment but we’re in fact, an institution. Orion House will not rehabilitate hard-core delinquents but rather hopes to provide a supportive alternative home environment for neglected and unsupervised children from Sullivan County.

The First Citizens National Bank received a certificate of achievement at the Newport Chamber of Commerce meeting Oct. 12. Certificates of recognition were awarded to Leon and Irene Valcourt, Sunapee Street Lanes; Mrs. H. Newcomb Eldredge; Stanley Yurgal and Clinton and Patricia Bartlett, Newton-Bartlett Funeral Home. Certificates of welcome were presented to Mary Benson’s Gulliver’s Galleria, Dr. Richard M. Holmes, Lorraine’s Floral Arts, Solid Wall Buildings, Robert Fogg Jr. and Marshall Friedman of Dartmouth Motors, Paul Burns of Gauthier and Woodard and the Rev. Cathleen Narowitz.

Forty-seven Newport Lake Sunapee area persons attended the annual fall convention of New Hampshire Savings Banks Association Oct. 1 and 2 at Lake Placid, N.Y. Delegates and guests from Newport Savings Bank were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burgess, Bernard Butler and daughter, Mrs. Barbara Biegil, Mr. and Mrs. William Cronin, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ensign, Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Johnson Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelley, Miss Linda Oldham, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kiernan and Mr. and Mrs. George Smet. Representing Sugar River Savings Bank were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Drown, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Buffett, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Corbett, Frank Gallup, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pfenning, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Forest, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gauthier, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henley, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Krans, Mr. an Mrs. Anthony Kulesza, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stoddard and Mr. and Mrs. William Stocker.


Fourteen children are enrolled in the Puss and Boots Kindergarten at the Sunapee Elementary School, which is directed by Mrs. Priscilla Sargent. Pupils are Jennifer Sargent, Kimberly Callum, Allison Cobb, Simone Dargie, Craig Heino, Jennifer Johnson, Rochelle Jones, David Montambeault, Michael Ripley, Bradley Russell, Jonathan Styles, Kathleen Sullivan, Kevin Trybulski and Doreen Wiggins.


Erik Rollins was elected president of the Unity East Side Tigers 4-H Club at a recent meeting at the home of Diane Callum. Other officers are David Partridge, vice president; Jennifer Phillips, secretary; Jessie Thurber, treasurer, and Paula Meyer, reporter. Club helpers include Roxanne Kennett, Sheila Tatro, Mark Huff, Shawn Huff, Daryl Osgood, Timmy Osgood, Darlene Ayotte, Norma Ayotte, Bill Ryan, Scott Thurber, Helen Booth, Hazel Booth, Joyce Booth David Phillips and Tammy Parker.


Eight members of the Goshen Volunteer Fire Department recently attended a propane firefighting school at Newport. They were Fire Chief Edwin Baker, John Warburton Jr., Ernest Dennis Jr., Gordon Bartlett, Ralph Galpin, Kirk Nelson, Robert Nelson and Richard Benson. The propane class was under the direction of Philip Corbett, Newport, and Edward Karr conducted the session at the drill yard at Pollard’s Mills.



Dorothy Perry was installed as noble grand at a recent meeting of Woodbury Rebekah Lodge 81, IOOF. Also installed were Stella Nestor, Anna Sanborn, Ruth Tripoli, Idamae Claflin, Delphine Moore, Blanche Rogers, Helen Marshall, Marion Chapman, Velma Guild, Ruth Densmore, Cassie Mills, Sophia Webster, Elzina Kennell, Edith Brown and Annie Emerson.

Claremont Chamber of Commerce this week mailed 300 letters to the city’s business and professional people soliciting financial support for the 19652 Christmas lighting program. Milton Sklar said the lighting arrangement will be similar to what the city has had in the business district the past few yeas if the funds are forthcoming. The cost will be $2,500.

A citation for continued work with the teenagers of Claremont was presented last night to the Rev. Father Francis LaMothe by the Claremont Kiwanis Club. An assistant pastor in St. Mary Parish for nine years, Father LaMothe took up a new assistant pastorship in Greenville this month.

The Claremont Jaycees fundraising campaign for a television translator on Twistback Hill got off to a good start this week. Campaign Chairman Robert Griggs said today that $2,000 has been collected the several nights Jaycees had solicited this week, exclusive of pledges. The Club is seeking to collect $18,000 in donations of not less than $10 to pay for installing the translator and for several years’ maintenance.

Montclare Shoes Inc. of Claremont expects to at least double its production within the next few months. Harold Fisher, company president said today. Fisher said the company, which now employs about 150, will add another 50 to 60 employees immediately.

Photo caption—New “old” armory, practically completed, renovated by the Junior Sports League, its auxiliary, friends, and other interested individuals. Claremont’s School Street armory will be open for public inspection this evening. Gardiner MacLeay, chairman of the renovation committee, is standing beside one of the badminton nets.

Charles V. Spanos, Claremont lawyer, has been named County Chairman for John W. King, Democrat candidate for Governor, it was learned today. Spanos, himself a candidate for Sullivan County Attorney, expressed his appreciation for the appointment and said, “the people of the State of New Hampshire are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to elect as their governor a man of such outstanding ability and integrity as John WE. King.

Edward J. Bennett, publisher of the Daily Eagle, announced today he and his family will move to Claremont Oct. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have purchased the Fred J. Perry house at 233 Broad St. The Bennetts’ move to Claremont from Bristol follows announcement of the sale of the weekly Bristol Enterprise.


The annual meeting of the Newport Golf Club was held Oct. 11 with President William J. Lynch presiding. Trophies were presented by Peter Anastos, tournament chairman to the following the men’s championship: Reginald Brown, winner; first runnerup, J. Richard Kelly; second division winner, Eero J. Niemi; runnerup, Benny Zukauskas; third division winner, Robert Hamilton; runnerup, Will Hastings, Grantham; fourth division winner, Russell Niven, Claremont; runnerup, Howard Crosset, Claremont; fifth division winner, Richard Sheehan; runnerup, Roland Simoneau.

Five new members joined the Newport Women’s Club Thursday afternoon at the Episcopal Church Undercroft. Heather Yurgeles, Ellie Snyder, Frances Pratt, Mrs. James Thomason and Mrs. Alvin Heidner were received into membership; by Mrs. Aldrich Lucas, president.

Edwin Narus, Newport furniture retailer, was elected president of the Lake Sunapee Board of Trade last night at Longview Terrace. Fifty-one members and guests attended the annual meeting of the lake area publicity group. Frank Gallup, Sunapee was elected first vice president and Richard Carlson, Newport was named second vice president.

Airman Basic Scott E. Stone, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Stone of RFD 2, Newport, is being reassigned to Sheppard AFB, Texas, from Lackland AFB. He is a former student at Towle High School.

Seven new members were inducted into the Newport Lions Club and a home freezer, picnic table and picnic cooler were given away. New members are Norman Glazier, Russell Dodge, Patrick Zullo, Davie Farnham, Leonard Feenstra, Herbert Fitch and Howard Gilsum.

Seven boys were inducted into the Cub Scouts of America, Pack 326 last week in the first fall meeting at the Methodist Church Vestry with 53 Cubs on hand. They were John Coronis Jay Lucas, Peter Hill, John Eldredge, Robert Underhill, Bruce Rund and Tim Moore.

Michael Hart and Herbert Guimond have been elected presidents of the ninth and eighth grades at the Junior High School. The slate of ninth grade elected officers includes Gary Lunderville, vice president; Ann McIntire, secretary and Betty Currier, treasurer. Eighth grade officers are Robert Rossiter, vice president, William Hurd, treasurer and Karen Bressett, secretary.

Advertisement—Sweet Cider, Cain’s Cider Mill, Golf Club Road, Newport, 75 cents a gallon, your jug, 85 cents a gallon, our jug, 50 cents gallon by 50-gallon barrel, 50-gallon whiskey barrel, $6.


The Rev. Alvan Barrus, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woodward and Stanley and Mrs. Norris Weld attended the Sullivan County Association Meeting in Newport Sunday afternoon.


Sixteen high school students have been named to the school’s new honor society that was developed by the student body. Friday morning, Supt. of Schools Gordon Flint will present the first honor society pins to seniors Mark Coale, John Davies, Fern Fleming, Muriel Gardner, Donna Holt, Judy Trow, John Wiggins and Judith King; juniors Joan Bell, Claudia Gardner, Garry Morrill, Gram Powers and sophomores Barbara Butler, Raymond Hudson, Diane Jones and Patricia Slattery.


The Goshen-Lempster Parents Club will serve a harvest supper at Goshen-Lempster Cooperative School Saturday night. Proceeds will be used for the school’s dental clinic. Mr. Richard Purmort is in charge with Mrs. Clyde Childs, Mrs. Ralph Galpin, Mrs. Ralph Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Champney assisting.


CDS3 Richard Safford, who is stationed at Norfolk, Va., on USS Plymouth Rock, was home on a 72-hour pass recently to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Safford, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Safford.

Richard and Rebecca Nelson are playing in the Towle High School band.



Construction, expected to cost from $15,000 to $20,000, began today on the new Veterans of Foreign Wars clubhouse on Tremont Square by the W.B. Fletcher Construction Company of Claremont. Renovation of the first floor of the old Fiske Free Library building, expected to be completed in late December, is the major work to be accomplished. Plans call for ripping out the former Fortin Smoke Shop and making the space over into a 35 by 40-foot reception room, including booths and a bar finished in knotty pine.

The sophomore class of St. Mary High School is making preparations for the annual reception to be given the freshman on Friday night. The committee includes Norman Messier, Aime St. Martin, Irene Bernier, Alberta Provost, Jerry Turgeon, Robert Tebo, Arnold Patch, Roland Leclerc, Agnes Taggart, Willo Wilson, Ralph Zullo, Arthur Belaire, Leona Lafont, Joyce Moody, Simonne Ferland, Melina Martell, Robert Rivard, Jacqueline Cassin, June Peno, Robert Nelson, Georgette Courtermanche, Priscilla Carrier, Germaine Lepitre, Rita Meunier, Lorraine Bonneville, Pauline Michaud, Hector Lavasseur, Suzanne Lessard, Beverly Rousseau and Victor Rouillard.

Advertisement—McIntosh Apples, Seconds, $1.95 per bushel box, other apples from $1.50 to $4 per bushel, bring your own container, Wellwood Orchards.


New recruits who have joined Company M New Hampshire National Guard, in the past two weeks include William E. Austin, Richard C. Brunelle, Carlton G. Cross, Kenneth A. Collins, Joseph C. Digilio, Theodore R. Hayes, William P. Harold, Hugh E. O’Dell, William H. Palmer, William W. Leavitt, Norman B. Heidenblad, Arnold M. Putney, Robert H. Rollins, Carl E. Fowler, Edward L. Smith and DeForest Wright.

A public forum on the town manager plan of government for Newport will be held Friday evening in the town hall. The forum has been called by the committee to investigate town manager government appointed by Moderator Fred Gunn. The committee comprises John Fairbanks, chairman; Judge Kenneth E. Shaw, Joseph W. Willett, Cleon E. Bartlett, Edwin Perry, Walter Zelinski and J.R. Kelly.

On exchange day in Miss Mahoney’s second grade, these pupils did excellent work in the 45 addition combinations: Mary Bates, Norma Waterman, Jerry Jasinski, Stanley Booth, Rita Blood, Jean Cornell, James Houghton, Stephen Bailey, Sandra Farley, Helen Cunningham, Louise Aho, Julia Greene, Beatrice Cusanelli, Deanna Guimond, Douglas Hackett and Jean Johnson.


The new jurors drawn are Hugh Pollard and Elmer Flint.

Those attending the University of New Hampshire are Bruce Nichols and Fred Pitman, second year, and Lois Pitman, Freshman. William Heiser has returned to Illinois State and Herbert Gallop is taking an agriculture course at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.


The hot lunches started Monday with Mrs. Langlitz cooking for us. We enjoy the meals very much. Our lunches are served on the table donated by the Miller brothers. It is more fun to eat together on the table than on our desks.


Five members of Crescent Rebekah Lodge of Sunapee, Mrs. Kathryn Nutting, Miss Helene Nutting, Mrs. Emily Osgood, Mrs. Ruth Wright and Mrs. Edith Harrison visited the Rebekah Lodge in Hanover Tuesday evening.

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