Photo caption—In observance of National Volunteer Week, for members of the Claremont Lioness Club with nearly 40 years of service to the New Hampshire Association for the Blind were honored at ceremonies Monday night at the Marion Phillips Apartments. From left, Gertrude Hinkley, 10 years; Shirley Tewksbury, nine years; Ann Currier, 14 years, and Sue Neil, six years.

Advertisement—Town and Country Realty: Take advantage of this bargain! A 7-room cape with recently enlarged kitchen-dining area, living room, 4 bedrooms, family room and sundeck. Views from front and back of this lovely home. Reduced to $37,000.

The May meeting of Colonel Samuel Ashley Chapter, DAR, was held with Miss Louise Colby and the essay winners and their mothers as guests. Sharon Stockwell, Way School, and Jeffrey Parent, Maple Avenue School, both sixth graders, and Liane Stevens, Way School, fifth grade, all read their essays. Dora Wasiluk, a Bluff School fifth grader was unable to attend.

Seniors at Stevens High School attaining high honors for the third marking period were Jeffrey Agan, William Ardinger, Donna Basso, Linda Blair, Gloria Bunnell, Wendy Castellini, Gregg Chicone, Kindra Clineff, Cheryl Clouth, Eric Costa, Paula Craig, Cecily Croft, Kriten Dettimer, Robert Roster, Richard George, James Gregoire, Jessica Hodgman, Susan Holmes, Jennifer Maculiewicz, Susan Magnuson, Jeffrey McGuire, Lynette Merrill, Mark Parkinson, Angie Riviezzo, Lorie Russell, David St. Sauveur, Kassandra Spanos, Gerry Stevens, James Sullivan, Larry Turns, David Valentine, Michael Walker, Debbie Washburn, Craig Welch, Susan Williams, and William Wilmot.

Following rejection by the U.S. Department of Energy, a plan to study the possibility of burning trash to produce energy has been submitted to the Sullivan County Commissioners. County Engineer Leon Geil said the commissioners have been asked to fund a $14,300 study on the feasibility of generating steam from solid waste collected from around the county and even parts of Vermont.


Two projects designed by seventh and eighth graders at Newport High School won prizes at the regional science fair at Newfound High School, Bristol, according to Warren G. Berry Jr., Science instructor. Susan Budd placed second in the seventh-grade competition for her research of laryngectomee. Debbie Jenson and Pat Dopp finished third in the eighth-grade division for their project on cosmetics.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tait III, Cheney Street, have returned home after a six-day trip to Vienna, Austria. The trip was arranged for Magnavox dealers.

Photo caption—Bowling Champions—Winners of the second annual Newport Area Bowling Championship at Sunapee Street Lanes this month were, from left, front row, Floyd Cornish, Donald Viger and John Hosmer; second row, Bernice Chartrand, Harriet Davis, Harriet Colby and Sandy Cornish, and third row, Ellie Quimby, Lari Bell and Bruce Cross.

Photo caption—Keeping warm at Monday’s baseball contest between Newport and the Kearsarge Regional Cougars at Sutton was no problem for Angel Giuditta, 12, Sunapee, daughter of Muriel Brock. While players on the field shivered through seven innings of frigid baseball, Angel doffed 11 warm-up jackets belonging to the Newporters.


A scout medal will be presented to Joseph Internicola by his former scoutmaster, Richard Barron, May 17 at Sunapee High School at the Court of Honor. Joseph’s service project, required for this award, consists of the Dewey Trail that he constructed from Dewey Beach to the Dewey Ballpark area.

Robert Carroll, Kent Dickinson, Karla Engelstad and Melody Fadden, youth and Government members, will spend two days next week in the Youth and Government Legislature in Concord.


No one is sure how many residents of New Hampshire towns of Charlestown and Alstead really want to withdraw from the Fall Mountain Regional School District. Alstead voters appointed a committee at town meeting to study the feasibility of withdrawal. Dissatisfied Charlestown residents collected 110 signatures, 60 more than required by law, requesting a withdrawal study. The committee appointed by the school board to investigate the withdrawal proposals began its work Tuesday night.



Gov. John W. King’s signing on New Hampshire’s new sweepstakes law drew mixed reaction in the editorial columns of the states daily newspapers. The Claremont Daily Eagle—Governor King has compounded the disgrace the legislature has foisted off upon New Hampshire in his supreme act of fiscal cowardice. Worse yet, the governor has played both ends right down to the wire. Now is the time to pin passage of this measure where it belongs, at the doorstep of Governor King and the Democratic Party.

Mrs. Mabel Bergeron was installed as president of the Senior Citizens Club at a meeting held Wednesday afternoon at the Goodwin Community Center. George Trafton was made senior vice president. Other officers are Mrs. Mabel Handley, treasurer; the Rev. Harold Hanson, chaplain; Mrs. Ela Hunt, secretary; Fred Wheat, Mrs. Clara Watso and Mrs. Elizabeth Albert, trustees, and Mrs. Sadie Deline, musician.

Mrs. Dorothy Colby of the Goodwin Community Center was honored at the third annual Recreation Society dinner conference in Franklin Tuesday for her design of the official emblem for the New Hampshire Recreational Society.

Photo Caption—American Legion Post 29 of Claremont installed offices Wednesday night at the Legion Home on Broad Street. Seated, from left, are Carson Newton of Newport, one of the installing officers; Victor Small, new post commander; James McCusker Jr., retiring commander and Albert Derosier, District 6 commander, also an installing officer; standing, from left, Harold Crossman, an installing officer; Rodney Miller, senior vice commander; Lee Bennett, sergeant-at-arms; Rudolph Ducharme, chaplain; Arthur Brasaw, junior vice commander and Stanley Rosinski, finance director.

Rene J. Chicoine, a St. Mary High School senior from Claremont, will enter the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., in the fall. Word of the appointment was received today from the office of U.S. Sen. Tom McIntyre. The 18-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Chicoine of Green Mountain Road, received nearly perfect scores on his examinations. Educated at St. Mary Grammar and High Schools, Chicoine has worked after school, weekends and summers at Putnam’s Greenhouses since seventh grade.


A clock museum, which will include several hundred 18th to 20th century timepieces, will be established at 43 Park St. by Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hallett, July 1. The Halletts will come here from Flushing, N.Y. Mr. Hallett is a retired vice president of the Long Island City Savings and Loan Association and has been a summer resident in East Acworth for more than 23 years.

Patty Zullo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Zullo, spent the school vacation week with her aunt in West Lebanon. Her sister, Adrianne, spent Monday in Boston with Mrs. Roy Malool and her daughter, Susan.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Guillow and their son, Bobby, have moved from Bradford Road to their home at 65 Church St., which they purchased recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Maynard spent the school vacation week on Cape Cod, Mass., visited in Boston and went to Sturbridge Village. Both returned to their duties here Monday, Mrs. Maynard as principal of the Primary School and Mr. Maynard as manager of the Silsby and Johnson Inc. store.

Dorothy Woodard, Newport’s 1963 Winter Carnival Queen, was among the Top 10 in her class, scholastically, at St. Mary High School, Claremont. Miss Woodard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Woodard, Sunapee Road, is a part-time telephone operator in the Newport office of the New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. She is undecided about college plans. The St. Mary class valedictorian is Susan Henault, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Leo Henault, former Newport residents, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Henault, Beech Street, Newport.

Sulo Weeks, Newport, Deputy Grand Moose of New England, was honored at the Moose Home during weekend ceremonies, which included a Legion of the Moose meeting. The testimonial for Mr. Weeks, who holds the top degree of Pilgrim in the Moose. Took place Saturday night before a capacity audience.


The results of the Garden Club litterbug poster contest for Holden School follow: Grade 2, Gary Ames, Lynn Herzig, Deborah Foshey, Andrew Adams, Rose Dame and Donald Bigelow; Grade 3, William Stewart, Susan Merrill, Kevin Wilcox, Roy Blair, Betsy Jones and Janice Fish; Grade 4, Dianne Allard, Francine DeCelle, Michael Kinson, Clarence Smith and Richard Fish; Grade 5, Duane Wetherby, Susan Edgar, Connie Welch, Darlene Nacel, Jack Smith and Patricia Farley, and Grade 6, Barbara Lange, Sharon Yong and Lana Adams.


Edwin Marvin has returned to Great Lakes Naval Base after visiting his parents, Major and Mrs. Edwin Marvin.


Bradford Boyce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyce, celebrated his seventh birthday recently with a party at his home. Attending were Paul Gallup, Patrick Quinlan, Charlotte Walker, Susan Davies, Michael Smart, Tony, Jodie and Ricky Webb, and his three brothers, Baker, William and Robert. Refreshments included a cake in the shape of a fish.

Ten Grangers attended presiding lecturers’ night at Sunapee Lake Grange in South Newbury Friday. They were Helen Rollins, Georgia Roach, Pearl Sawyer, Ruth A. Gallup, Mabel Emery, Lillian Hall, Dora Segal, Ella Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gamsby.


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hudson were guests of honor at a birthday dinner in the home of Mrs. Leslie Small on Sunday. Relatives and friends present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Follensbee and their son Brian, West Lebanon; Mrs. Rowena Marsh and her daughter, Bonnie, Mrs. Fay Westcott and her son, Scott, Mrs. Betty Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. George Crippen and their daughter, Mary Ann, all of Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carey and their sons, Nathan and Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chandler and Brian Whipple, all of Claremont; Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins Gilbert, Ashland; Stanley Alders, Etna; Al Pitches, Connecticut; Mrs. Grace Springer, Newport, an Raymond Banyea, Farmington, Mass.


Theodore Morgan, Newport, stayed with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Nichols, last week.


Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Dearden, Croydon, were Mr. and Mrs. Van Alexander, Dover.



The Claremont City Council authorized City Manager Philip L. White to borrow $16,500 for the city to pay for its parking meters within 60 days of their installation. This action will save approximately $800 because it takes advantage of a 5 percent discount for immediate payment.

Advertisement—Irwin Motors Inc., Claremont: 1946 Chevrolet Town Sedan, lustrous black finish, very clean mohair upholstery, excellent motor, heater, the nearest thing to a new car we have, $1,595.

The following West Claremont School students are on the local school’s honor roll for the ranking period just over: Grade 1, Sarah Hawkins, Gloria Simms, Gary Marsh, Duncan Hunter, and Bonnie Lee White; Grade 2, Vera Williams, Judy Bourgoine, Nancy Buswell, Peter Haubrich, and Robert Woodman; Grade 3, Beverly Marsh, Patricia Fowles and Linda Hawkins, and Grade 4, Lucia Williams, Hazel Osborne and Doloris Bean.

A highway safety slogan written by a Claremont couple is among those being distributed by the state highway safety group for use in New Hampshire newspapers. The slogan, credited to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Bogle, was among those submitted in the contest sponsored by Gov. Charles M. Dale’s recent highway safety conference. It reads: “Highways never killed anyone—it’s the people who use them.”

E.A. Parlee Company, distributors of “Rusco” all-metal combination storm windows and screen units, have opened a sales, installation and service branch at 42 Tremont Square, Claremont. Andrew M. MacLeod will head the sales force in Claremont, and John Castonguay will have charge of mechanical operations.

A budget of $958,642 was submitted to the City Council by City Manager Philip L. White last night. The sum asked for $84,386 or nearly 10 percent above the $874,256 it cost to run Claremont last year. An increase in the tax rate appeared virtually certain since the budget calls for $774,132 to be raised by taxation as against $689,470 last year, an increase of $87,662 or 12.2 percent.


Kelleyville School first graders who have done excellent work in manuscript writing are Billy Osgood, Ronald Fowler, Nancy Ann Davis and David Barton. Ethel Brooks, Ronald Fowler, Billy Osgood and Nancy Ann Davis have done good work in written arithmetic on combinations in addition and sub traction to 10.

The Towle School band traveled to Concord to play for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and took third prize. The band is under the supervision of Mr. Charles C. Chapman and the leadership of Frances Faughnan, Head Majorette. The first prize went to the Dover High School band and second prize to Concord Junior High School band. There were 20 bands and 20 bugle corps.

Work on he new theatre project, which began Sunday, is being carried out by Peter Latchis, proprietor of the Newport House and member of a partnership which operates the Latchis chain of threaters in Brattleboro, Vt., Claremont, Keene and elsewhere. Mr. Latchis told reporters Monday night the theatre would be open in the fall and will have a capacity of 800 persons.

Mr. A.W. Smith, Mrs. Donald Messer, Mrs. Allie Tilton, Mrs. C.L. Jobes, Mrs. Chester Pollard and Mr. Clark will represent the South Church at the annual meeting of the New Hampshire State Conference in Manchester next Monday and Tuesday.

Dennis Morrow is back in school after an attack of whooping cough.


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Bedell have rented their home to Mr. and Mrs. Adams of Claremont and are leaving for Langley Field, Va., where Mr. Bedell has accepted a position.

Those getting 100 in spelling Friday are Fred Mark, Rosalind Bailey, Charles and Elbert Bannister, Pauline Shephard, Barbara Sullivan, Arthur Hayward, John Morse, Roger Bean and Gordon Gagnor.


The candidates for May Queen and King at Charlestown High School are freshmen Shirley Highter and Carleton McMahon; sophomores Betty Gorman and William Horton; juniors Irene Welch and Harry Nelson, and seniors Charlotte Warcup and Donald Brown.


Mrs. Elmer Carley has been ill. Her mother, Mrs. Walter Wright, was a good neighbor during her illness.


Mr. William O. Safford is painting and papering in the apartment occupied by Robert C. Hill.


Mr. and Mrs. H. Pilon have renovated their nice large barn, where Billy Van used to run dances some years ago, and are planning to have dances there during the summer.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Parks, Francese Parks, Charles D. Newton, Mrs. Lucy Newton, Conrad Starr, Roger Laber, Sulo Kanto, Sylvester Kiggins, and Mrs. Edith Harrison, all members of Sunapee Mountain Grange, attended the Triple District meeting at Claremont Saturday night.


Mrs. Dora Gross of Croydon was a dinner guest at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donas J. Reney last Wednesday. She made several calls on other relatives.


Mrs. Elfreda Frost, our school teacher, was ill Monday and unable to teach. Mrs. Judson Brooks of Newport substituted for her. We are glad to know Mrs. Frost is able to be back again, as well as some of the pupils who were absent last week due to the prevailing colds.

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