YOUNG LADIES heading to a party in the early 1900’s.



Photo Caption — Practicing the art of tie-dying at Camp Paradise are, from left, Newport’s Tonya Gregory and Claremont’s Chris Granger and Jennifer Ferland. They were among the 105 Girl Scouts spending the last two weeks at the camp based at the Arrowhead Skiway in Claremont. Girls from Newport, Claremont, Charlestown, Sunapee, Brownsville, Lempster and Acworth participated in the camp.

Unionized steelworkers at Sullivan Machinery who unanimously voted Sunday to go out on strike, will be offered an ultimatum by management to show up for work Wednesday or face permanent replacement. The management statement said Sullivan has offered the workers a minimum of19.3 percent pay hikes over three years and “significant insurance, pension, and fringe improvements.” President of the union local, Alden Boardman, countered that the position taken by Sullivan will “just rile the troops more, which I don’t think is necessary.” He also charged Sullivan with negotiating a contract through the media and trying to influence how the union handles its internal affairs.

When Norman Routhier and the Home Town Deli agreed to do a favor and provide lunches for a handful of construction workers at Elmendorf four years ago, he expected it to last a few weeks and then return to his regular deli operation. As things turned out, the reception at the River Road construction site was warm and initial forays into the field of running a motorized eatery were equally well received. The result has been a lunch and breakfast wagon enterprise that has taken off to become a vital portion of his business.


Sgt. Evans E. Juris, a nine-year veteran of the Newport Police Dept., has been invited by the Honorable William Webster, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to attend the 11-week school at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va. He will study police management, criminal and constitutional law, forensic science, behavioral science, crisis management and other law enforcement related subjects.

Photo Caption — Sugar River Realty Co. officials in the Newport Shopping Plaza have announced these three new staff members who will be greeting customers. They are, from left, Marcia Williams, Sandy LaRoy, and Louise Thomas.

Henry Koziel, 120 South Main St., Newport, was recently elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical honor society at Dartmouth College, Hanover, for his scholastic achievement in the colleges medical school. Mr. Koziel, the son of Wiktor and Leontyna Koziel, South Main Street, Newport, is presently a fourth year medical student at Dartmouth Medical School. He is a graduate of Newport High School, Class of 1976.

Advertisement — Violette’s Supermarket: London Broil Steak $1.49 Lb; Lean Stew Beef, $1.89 Lb; Assorted Pork Chops, $1.09 Lb; Boneless Shoulder Roast, $1.49 Lb; Fresh Bay Scallops, $2.99 Lb.

Jane Howlett, 34 of East Mountain Road, Newport, was one of three winners last week in the Massachusetts Megabucks jackpot. The jackpot totaled $1.4 million and Mrs. Howlett’s share will be about$463,000. She will receive her share in yearly installments over 20 years.


Guest of Mrs. John Newman Aug. 5 were her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. W. Raymond Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Prentiss, all from Concord.


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dyer and children of Miller Pond Road were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rowland, Greenwich, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holden, Duxbury, Mass., have purchased the Charles Young property on Walker Road.

Lee Moses, Enfield, is taking down the old fire station on Main Street.


Library volunteers who have kept the library open for additional hours, and tutors who have helped Springfield students during the past year, were honored recently at an appreciation party hosted by Sue Anderson, Muriel Tinkham and Marilyn Johnson, trustees. Honored were Amy Anderson, Barbara Reney, Anna Harmon, Terry Davis, Celeste Klein, Sue Clancy, the Rev. Arthur Clifford, Nancy Vanderwart, Elizabeth Bushueff, Louise Jacewicz, Mary Ellen Cameron and Joan Wheeler.


A plan to save the deficit-ridden Sullivan County Farm was presented to County Commissioners Aug. 4. Mary Louise Horn, administrator of the farm, the county jail and nursing home, suggested the working hours of the staff be increased and benefits decreased. The county delegation at a recent meeting in Newport, said the county farm is being subsidized by taxpayers and a study should be made to determine whether it should be turned into a profit-making enterprise, sold or leased.



Claremont’s $11 million guessing game is over. Joy Manufacturing Co. has irrevocably canceled its plans to expand here. A company spokesman confirmed today that Joy was abiding by this decision, first announced during the latter part of May and reiterated last week by Joy President James A. Drain in a telephone conservation with New Hampshire Governor John King

Mrs. Clarence Williams and her daughter Joyce have returned from spending two weeks in Fort Worth, Texas, where they visited Mrs. Williams’ brother and his wife, Capt. And Mrs. Harry Wirrell.

Larry Ring, president of Mobile Homes of Claremont Inc., was elected president of the New England Mobile Home Association at the annual meeting held recently at Stockbridge, Mass. He is a member of the Claremont Rotary Club.

Warner Carpenter, manager of the Credit Bureau of Claremont, is attending the Northeastern Management Institute at Princeton University.

Mrs. L.M. Griswold of Winter Street Extension is spending two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Frank S. Spreckley in Churchville, Pa.

The Rev. Jean A. Tremblay of St. Mary Parish has been transferred to assistant pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Laconia. This transfer was announced yesterday by the Most Rev. Ernest J. Primeau, S.T.D., Bishop of Manchester. Rev. Tremblay will take the place of Rev. Romeo J. Valliere who will become the assistant pastor of St. Mary Parish.

Readers of the Daily Eagle editorial page will be interested to learn that the occasional pieces by “G” appearing this summer are the work of former Stevens student Robert Gilmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Gilmore of 2 Perrotto Ave.


Newport Lodge, Loyal Order of Moose, will be the host lodge for the annual Northeast Moose Assn. Convention Sept. 23-26. Plans for the sessions were discussed at an executive board meeting Sunday in Moose Hall.

Mrs. John Cain, Unity road, who received her Master’s Degree in Education in June from Keene State College, has been appointed principal of the Goshen-Lempster Cooperative School. She succeeds George Miller who will teach in Newport this year. She will also teach English and mathematics in Grades 6, 7 and 8.

The1966 state convention of the American Legion will take place here June 24, 25 and 26. It was awarded to Brewster-Gould Post at a meeting of the American Legion Dept. executive committee at The Weirs Aug. 12. The meeting was attended by Louis Willett, a member of the committee, and William Tracey, president of the Newport Chamber of Commerce.

Postal service between Newport and Lake Sunapee area towns was restored this week to its pre-July standards. Mail is now being carried directly between Newport and New London, without the necessity of going by way of White River Junction, Vt., and Concord.

Fire Chief Herbert Wright re-emphasized the need for extreme caution in woodlands yesterday because of the continued drought with clear, windy conditions, which made the burning index “very high.” He described the fire danger as “serious” but said that state officials hoped to “hold off on restrictions” such as woods bans. He added that about 15 persons were procuring water daily from the fire station for farms in the area.


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tenney, Oterville, are living in the place known as Alligator Valley House.

Mrs. Emilie Barney, accompanied by Mrs. Ginevra Kenniston, Rumney, visited her sisters, Mrs. Helen Philbrick and Mrs. Myrtle McLellan, Monday. Mrs. McLellan returned with her sister for a visit.


John Digilio, Washington, D.C., recently spent a two-week vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Digilio.


The Rev. Samuel McCain Jr. and his family of Newport have spent a vacation camping in Sherwood Forest.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carey and their sons, Nathan and Glen, Claremont, were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Small an Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hudson. The Careys were returning from a vacation trip to Maine.


SP4 Wayne Miller is home on leave from Karlsruhe, Germany, before returning to Ludwigberg, Germany, until the completion of his term of service, about 15 months.


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sawyer and children motored to Lost River and took a sightseeing trip down Route 3.

Buddy Fitch is spending two weeks at the YMCA camp at Croydon.



Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hoidahl of Central Street are visiting relatives in Connecticut and Jersey City, N.J.

Miss Mildred Courtemanche, R.N., of Boston spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Evelyn Courtemanche of Central Street.

Approximately 10 tons of paper was collected in Saturday’s citywide drive for the benefit of the Women’s Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church. Norman Fletcher headed up the committee in charge of the drive.

Sgt. Gordon E. MacPherson, U.S. Air Force Reserve of Dane Avenue, Claremont, received telegraph orders this morning to report to active service with the U.S. Air Force at Ft. Dix, N.J., effective Aug. 20. Mr. MacPherson was a classification specialist and served three and one-half years during World War II at Ft. Devens, Mass., Yale University, Ft. Lewis, Wash and the island of Shemya in the Aleutians. He is a member of the Daily Eagle advertising staff.

The Hilda E. Russell Real Estate Agency announced today that the property of the late Col. William J. Wilgus, a brick residence at 103 Broad St. built in 1825, has been sold to Douglas Bourdon of Claremont, owner of the New Haven Mattress Company.

George H. Allen of Puckershire has terminated his employment at the Claremont Paper Mill. He is moving his family to Wollaston, Mass., where he has accepted a position as maintenance supervisor at Eastern Nazarene College.


James Collins, Francis Collins and Morris Silsby attended the Braves game in Boston Thursday.

Miss Cheryl Hoy has returned to her home on Church Street after spending several weeks wit her grandmother, Mrs. Anne Eastman, in South Paris, Maine.

Pip Anastos has completed his duties in Fort Fairfield, Maine, and is employed by the State Highway Department in Concord.

Dean Hoyt has returned to his home on Elm Street after spending three weeks at Camp Soangetaha.

Misses Pat and Lee Lantas and Miss Evangeline Gokas were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zullo at their camp on Rockybound Pond this weekend.

Mrs. Barton Cummings and sons, Barton and Tommy, are vacationing with her mother, Mrs. Quincy Rickard in Canaan.

Bill Kennedy of Corpus Christi, Texas, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy of Third Street.

Miss Louisa Hall of Danbury is visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips R. Hall at their home on South Main Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reed of Beech Street spent the weekend with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bartlett, in Burlington, Vt. While they all visited Ft. Ticonderoga, where they met Mr. and Mrs. William Stocker and sons, and Albert, of Sunapee.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bergeron and son, Tony, of Summer Street spent several days last week at Swiftwater.


Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dow of North Weare were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Wyatt Saturday.


Mrs. Gillie Adams Walpole visited Mrs. Paul Rollins last Sunday and Phyllis and Kathleen Adams returned home with her for a visit.


Mr. and Mrs. Luisey Gregory have returned to their own home after spending several months at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gregory.


Evan George, Mrs. Margaret Bailey and Alfred Durford have been furnishing transportation for those who wish to attend the M.Y.F. meetings with the caravan at Newport this week.


Paul Jones is digging a well for Jack Harding.

Mrs. Perry and son Raymond sailed around Lake Sunapee on the new excursion boat Mt. Sunapee last week.



The Old Home Day committee met at the town hall Wednesday evening to report as to progress made toward perfecting matters for Aug. 15th. The invitation committee has mailed about 400 invitations, and is still inviting through this channel and the press, all to come home and see the folks Aug. 15.

We expect a crowd and expect also to be able to entertain them through the day and to seat all visitors and aged people at tables in the Grange Hall, which has been kindly tendered by the society. The finances are reported in good condition and a good musical program has been arranged.

The drought is being serious felt. Potatoes are already very much damaged, and corn will soon begin to lose color, Haying has been pushed along very nearly to completion, and not much more secured than last year. We are expecting an automobile in the colony here soon, and the horses will please take notice and govern their nerves accordingly. Winston Churchill has agree to respond to a toast Aug. 15, and the public will get a look.

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