NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the

Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Aug. 24:


Gayle S. Newton, Lempster, sold land with Empire Homes 28 by 44-foot manufactured unit at Lot 1 including 5.14 acres on the easterly side of School Road to Timothy and Cassandra Greene, Plymouth, for $135,000.


Eugene W. Handy Jr., Fitzwilliam, sold two parcels of land with buildings on Camp Road to Brian and Heather Bell, Boscawen, for $110,000.

Michael and Barbara Konopka, Walpole, sold land on Lempster Mountain Road to Andre and Judith Labore, Washington, for $53,900.

David W. Vos, Washington, sold to parcels of land with improvements at Lot 13, 5.4 acres on a plan of Land Systems Inc. to Mallory and Joseph Walsh, Pembroke, for $207,000.

Dennis and Carol Donna O’Malley, St., Petersburg, Fla., sold four parcels of land with building to Dolores and John Pacheco, Merrimack, for $359,000.


Katherine A. Flint and Scott D. Flint, Sunapee, sold land with buildings on the highway leading from Sunapee Lower Village to Sunapee Lake to Leena M. Mark, Sunapee, for $230,000.

Ronald Sr. and Donna Fabiani, Rotonda West, Fla., sold one-forty second interest to land with docks on Lake Sunapee at Sunapee Harbor to John and Louise Bonfiglio, Sunapee, for $118,000.

Fennerio II LLC, Amherst, sold land with buildings on the shore of Mountain View Lake to Merissa C. Krcher, Reading, Mass., for $415,000.


Scott and Sharon Hartung, Interlaken, N.J., sold Unit 14 at Way School Condominium to Diane Edwards, Sunapee for $82,000.

Patricia H. Leahy, Claremont, sold land with improvements, Lots 17 and 18 on Whitcomb Heights to David Bressler and Anne Cohen for $255,000.


Kandra L. Palmer, Vero Beach, Fla., sold land on the westerly side of the old highway from Goshen Four Corners to Lempster to Michael and Charlotte Grandmont, Portsmouth, for $67,000.


Gail Wulf, Newport, sold land with improvements at 14 East Mountain Road to Lindsay Rodgers, Grantham, for $92,000.

Donald F. Trenholm, Newport, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of the highway leading from Newport to Unity to David and Petroula Beck, Newport, for $78,000.

Thomas and Elizabeth Maloof, New London, sold a 24 by 44-foot manufactured housing unit at 24 Emerald Ridge to Castle Trust, Lunenburg, Mass., for $10,000.


Michael J. Delaney Jr., Claremont, sold land with buildings on the westerly right-of-way line of Old Springfield Road to Jeffrey and Wendy Smith, Charlestown for $205,000.

Diane L. Beers, Charlestown, sold a 1986 Holiday Manufactured home on Mountain View Avenue, 1016 Morway’s Park, to Darren and Tammy Young, Claremont, for $23,000.


Patricia A. Walker, Cornish sold two parcels of land with buildings on the northerly side of Burroughs Road to Hannah E. Walker, Cornish, for $80,000.


Christopher G. Smith, Andover, Mass., sold land in Enfield and Grafton counties at West Shore 3 and West Shore 2, Eastman, to Robert and Julie Benson, Barrington, R.I., for $414,000.

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