NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Aug. 17:


Chaynikelfish LLC, Nashua, sold land with buildings in Guild to Joshuah Howe, Unity, for $192,000.

Kristin M. Pallini, Newport, sold land with improvements on the northerly side of Bradford Road to Kyle Hess, Newport, for $192,000.

Walter and Doris Partridge, North Sutton, sold two tracts of land at 43 and 47 Laurel St. to Hendo Properties LLC, Franklin for $105,000.

Walter and Doris Partridge, North Sutton, sold land with improvements at 22 West St. to Hendo Properties LLC, Franklin, for $100,000,

Edina Realty Investment Corporation, Newport, sold land with buildings bounded on the east by Laurel Street to Caleb and Brenda Goodwin, Andover, for $80,000.


Kathleen M. Tallman, South Acworth; David J. Moore, Glastonbury, Conn.; Kevin J. Moore, Springfield, Vt., and Timothy H. Moore, East Hartford, Conn., sold land on the southerly side of Borough Road to Lynne S. Reed, Bath, for $125,000.

Ralph A. Dyke, Charlestown, sold land on Hemlock Road to Mitchell R. Bunnell, Claremont, for $135,000.


Donald E. Sheehan and Jared J. Sheehan, Milford, sold land at 1 Coolidge Drive, Lake Ashuelot Estates, to Scott and Heather Dumont, Danbury, for $14,000.

Andrew and Katherine Lafferty, Georgetown, Mass., sold land with buildings on the northerly side of the road to Highland Lake to Andrew J. Sheridan, New Ipswich, for $5,000.

Brian W. Moulder and Mary Moulder, Orange, Conn., sold land with improvements at Lot 74, Washington Lake Estates, to Orlando and Jennifer Fernandes, Taunton, Mass., for $26,000.


Richard and Christin Strong, Claremont, sold land on the easterly side of Eastman Street to Douglas G. Loubier and Amber M. Graham, Newport, for $130,000.

Rina LLC, Lexington, Mass., sold two parcels of land with buildings bounded on the north by Potvin Street, west by Mechanics Street and south by Maria Street to Jay Kishan LLC, Claremont, for $651,000.

Pensco Trust Company LLC, Denver, sold land with improvements to James C. Pellerin, Claremont, for $193,400.


Reginald J. Morse, Grantham, sold three parcels of land with improvements at Anderson Pond, Section 2, Eastman, to Deane and Elizabeth Joyce, South Pomfret, Vt., for $345,000.


Kenyon Road SPE LLC, Lebanon, sold land on Kenyon, Stage and Spencer roads to Ann Marie Hartford and Allen E. Hartford Jr., Methuen, Mass., for $170,000.


Caitlyn Stillson, Keene, and Sara Tirrell, Plymouth, sold Lot 3 on a Plan of Rockybound Pond to James and Carolyn Austin, Oneonta, N.Y, for $115,000.

Lance and Michelle Boucher, Newport, sold land on the northeasterly right of way for Sugar River Lane to Jason and Kris Cairelli, Piermont, for $299,000.


Janet T. Smith, Springfield, sold land on the easterly side of Lake Avenue and the westerly shore of Lake Kolelemook to Jose A. Ossa-Concha and Claudia E. Perez-Martinez, Andover, Mass., for $480,000.


John Jr. and Patricia Lamoureux, Cornish, sold two parcels of land with buildings on the northerly side of the road leading from New Hampshire Route 120 to North Newport to Jennifer Riccio and Christopher Schulze, Etna, for $350,000.

David and Pamela Kovacs, Cornish, sold land with buildings on Town House Road and Dingleton Hill Road to Benjamin and Carla Boyington, Claremont, for $340,000.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, sold land on the northwesterly side of Cross Road to Kenneth B. McLoud, Washington, for $57,500.

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