NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded during the week ending Dec. 7 at the office of the Sullivan County Registry of Deeds:


Tony and Darlene Levesque, Claremont, sold land on the westerly side of Bay Street to Eugene Jr. and Mary Kemp, Williamstown, Mass., for $130,000.

Elbeta Corsale, Claremont, sold land on the southeasterly side of Ledgewood Road to Kenneth and Amelia Hamilton, Charlestown, for $155,000.

Todd and Angela Osgood, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Bible Hill Road to Tara Isadora Efstathiou and Thomas Fredette, Claremont, for $100,000.

Deutche Bank National Trust Company, Mount Laurel, N.J., sold land with buildings on the southerly side of East Mountain Road to Philip Jr. and Amy Osgood, Claremont, for $49,049.

Sinclair Holdings Inc., Longmont, Colo., sold three tracts of land with buildings at 408 Sullivan St. to Ray Parker, Claremont, for $210,000.


Barbara Jones, Goshen, sold land with buildings on State Highway 31that runs from Goshen Corner to Washington to Edina Realty Investment Corporation, Newport, for $60,000.

Beatrice Blais, trustee of the Grace Ellis Living Trust, Litchfield, sold two tracts of land on the northerly side of Center Road to David Spear, Newport, for $180,000.


Felecia Foley, Charlestown, sold a 1994 14 by 72-foot Colony Mobile Home to be relocated to Dale’s Homes, Charlestown, to Dales Homes Inc., White River Jct., for $6,800.

Glen and Melissa Currier, Charlestown, sold a 1994 14 by 70-foot Titan mobile home to Rhonda Currier, Charlestown, for $12,500.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, Texas, sold property at 638 Old Claremont Road to Cheryl Latham, Walpole, R.I., for $58,055.

Mary Ann Zielonko, Rutland, sold Lot 13 on a Plan entitled Hemlock Subdivision, North Woodlands Inc., Charlestown, on the westerly side of an old logging road to Darren and Diana Stevens, Cairo, N.Y., for $12,500.

Maxine Allard and Carlene Allard, Charlestown, sold land on Cobb Road to Karen Brousseau-Allard and Tony Allard, Charlestown, for $50,000.

Valley Regional Hospital Inc., Claremont, sold two parcels of land with buildings at 125 Main St. to Langdon Leasing, Langdon, for $255,000. .


Terrance Large, Grantham, sold Condominium Unit 8 at West Cove D, Eastman, to Marcus and Kimberly Owens, Keene, for $175,000.


Eileen King, Pinehurst, N.C., sold land with improvements on the westerly side of the New London/Springfield Road to Nathan Ross and John Wilcox, Newport, for $110,000.


Jeffrey Aarons and Robert Aarons, Piermont, sold land on the northerly side of the highway known as Sunset Strip to Jeremy and Jayna McWhorter, Alstead, for $385,000.

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