NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Feb. 8:


Mary J. Carter, Claremont, sold land with buildings, Lot 22 at Whitcomb Heights, to Susan Davis, Claremont, for $138,000.

Joan Dumont, Claremont, sold a 1980 Homette Allison Plus mobile home at 9 Krista Place, Pine Hill Mobile Home Court, to Jean Saben, Claremont, for $24,500.

Dawin and Hilda Ayres, Dryden, N.Y., sold a 2003 24 by 52-foot Skyline mobile home at 18Krista Place, Pine Hill Mobile Home Court, to Cynthia LaPointe, Claremont, for $52,000.

Mindy K. Connor, Germany, sold two tracts of land with buildings on the highway leading from Claremont Junction to North Charlestown to Nicholas and Brittany Benoit, Claremont, for $189,000.

U.S. Bank National Association, Chicago, sold Lots 18 and 19 at Pine Grove Park to Justin T. Leach, Weathersfield, for $55,000.

William and Janet Sheehan, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Thrasher Road to Allen Jr. and Rebecca Austin, Claremont, for $140,000.

Michael J. Feleen, Phoenix, Ariz., sold land with buildings on a Plan of Washington Street Plat to Francis Sr. and Rita Vallone, Beverly Mass, for $110,000.


Sharon and Guy Lavigne, Boca Raton, Fla., sold land with improvements on the north line of the old road which runs westerly to Ryder Corner and the right-of-way for Dodge Hill Road, containing 141.7 acres, to Brad Benson, Norwell, Mass. for $675,000.

Jeffrey and Marie D’Amour Baker, Farmington, Conn., sold land with improvements at Birch Point, Burkehaven, on the shore of Lake Sunapee, to William Grinnell, Florence, Mass., for $1,962,000.

Ruth Kwasnik, Taunton, Mass., Daniel Fenton, Duxbury, Mass., Ann Fenton, Beverly, Mass., and Mary Fenton, Washington, D.C., sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Route 103B to Jason Stone, Claremont, for $155,000.

Allisen Heath, Sunapee, sold land on the easterly shoreline of Mountain View Lake on the west side of Route 103B to Timothy and Linda Julian, Windham, for $1,037,500.


Jacob A. Deerhr, Springerville, Ariz., sold land with buildings on the easterly side of New Hampshire Route 12A to Nathan J. Abbott, Goffstown, for $75,000.


Kenneth St. Onge and Ann Battaglia, Grantham, sold land with buildings at Snow Hill, Section 3, Eastman, to Melinda Stewart, Randolph Center, Vt., for $240,000.

Larry and Deborah Dumont, Aurora, Colo., sold land with improvements at Anderson Pond, Section 1, Eastman, to David and Deirdre Thomson, Hopedale, Mass., for $332,000.


Jerry and Sharon Lieberman, Cudjoe Key, Fla., sold land with buildings at 47 Beech St. to Dawn Carey, New Boston, for $69,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Columbus, Ohio, sold property to Matthew O’Clair, Newport, for $88,500.


Monica Merrill, Charlestown, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Old Freight Road, so-called, to Rhonda Currier, Charlestown, for $21,000.

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