NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Jan. 18:


Richard L. Hocker, Grantham, sold land at Anderson Pond II to The Lansing LLC, Grantham, for $118,000.

Carole Bauer, Sudbury, Mass., and Alan Rudnal, Austin, Texas, sold land at Greensward, Section 7, Eastman, to Stephen Campbell and Thomas Campbell, West Harrison, N.Y., for $238,500.


Joseph M. Baldwin, Newport, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Pine Street to Michael J. Clingenpeel, Newport, for $169,000.

Mascoma Bank, White River Jct., sold property at 19 Cary Street to Rodney P. Whipple, Newport, for $92,000.

MSU Corporation, Lebanon, sold land with buildings including a Fleetwood manufactured housing unit on the southerly side of the highway leading from Newport to North Newport to Randy Castaldo, Chester, N.H., for $106,000.


Ronald and Kathy Chicoine, Charlestown, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Summit Street to Ronald III and Amanda Greenleaf, Charlestown, for $155,000.

Cardinal Haven Cooperative Inc., Charlestown, sold right, title and interest to a 1967 12 by 60-foot Marlette mobile home at 5 Ponderosa Park to Travis M. Aldrich, Charlestown, for $5,500.


Michael Morey, Claremont, sold a 2002 13 by 66-foot Fleetwood mobile home at 10 Madison Place, Pleasant Valley Estates to Kymberly Lambert, Claremont, for $26,000.

Karen Clements and Peter Wright, Claremont, sold land on the easterly side of Ridge Avenue to Renee Costa, Lebanon, for $258,000.

Claremont Savings Bank, Claremont, sold land with buildings at Lot 56 on a Plan of Building Lots called Edgewood to Gary Coolidge Jr., Claremont, for $10,000.

Pamela Young, Claremont, sold four tracts of land on the easterly side of Mulberry Street to Chiara Tosi-Nelson and Benjamin Joseph Nelson, Claremont, for $143,000.

Jonathan and Tara Wood, Claremont sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Sullivan Street Extension to Donald Jr. and Melinda Carpenter, Claremont, for $150,000.

Madhau Hospitality LLC, Claremont sold land with buildings on the southerly side of Sullivan Street to Krishna Hospitality LLC, Claremont, for $635,000.


Robin G. Allister, Hanover, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Route 120 to Lesley Pearson, Plainfield, for $400,000.


Cynthia Geiger, Wallingford, Conn., sold land with improvements at Lake Ashuelot Estates to Matthew Keamy and Clara Ariza, Andover Mass., for $12,500.

Brian Branon, Malden, Mass., and Timothy Crouss, Southwick, Mass., sold land at 59 Valley Road to Robert Jr. and Gina McNeill, Windham, Vt., for $15,000.


Carl and Laura Eberth, Andover, Mass., sold undivided 1/42nd interest to land with docks projecting into the waters of Lake Sunapee at Sunapee Harbor to Brenda and Robert Montagna, New London, for $120,000.

Granite Ridge Development LLC, Sunapee, sold Lots 6 and 7 on Granite Ridge Road to Christopher and Kathleen Reinke, Boston, for $109,000.


Joseph Hayes Stagner, Langdon, sold property at 56 Lower Cemetery Road to Scott and Felicia Schiavoni, Palm Coast, Fla., for $306,000.

Noah and Babylyn Sanctuary, Langdon, sold land with buildings at 136 Village Road to Mark Tassinari, Pembroke, Mass., for $177,700.


Arthur and Donna Miller, Elkins, sold two tracts of land with improvements on the westerly side of the road leading into the cottages at Rocky Bound Pound to Meghan and Andrew Hanson, Newport, for $146,000.


Jennifer Thibault, Londonderry, sold land to Paulo and Rosa Sousa, Swansea, Mass, for $37,500

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