NEWPORT — The following cases were heard in Newport Circuit Court during the week ending July 13:

Henry T. Mahoney, 69, 222 Kinsman Road, Grafton, failed to appear to answer several charges occurring in Springfield on May 10.They included driving after revocation/suspension, driving under the influence, Alc Interlock MV not equipped with interlock, manufacture and sell official inspection/registration sticker, misuse of plates, uninspected vehicle and operating an unregistered vehicle which was defaulted through the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles.

Albon Chapman, 28, 46B Walnut St., Claremont, failed to appear to answer a charge of driving after revocation/suspension and the case was defaulted to the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles.

Tyler N Barry, 26,137 Morway’s Park, Charlestown, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief Aug. 24 in Goshen and was sentenced to 60 days in the Sullivan County House of Corrections, suspended for two years on good behavior and ordered to make restitution to be determined.

A charge of suspended vehicle registration against Tyler J. King, 20, 738 Bradford Road, Newport, was withdrawn.

Milton J. Sagastibelza, 31, 566 Washington Road, Grantham, pleaded guilty to operating without a valid license May 24 in Newport and was fined $250.

Brian L. Coleman, 47, 17 Factory St., Claremont, pleaded innocent to operating with a suspended vehicle registration April 17 in New London and the charge was placed on file without a finding.

Joshua E. Murphy, 22, 31 Dewalt Ave., Newport, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, Hydrocodone, within the vehicle, June 8 in Newport, was fined $500 and his license revoked for 60 days.

Branten W. McFadden, 21, 572 Mill Village Road, Goshen, pleaded guilty to driving or operating under the influence of drugs or liquor June 1 in Sunapee, was fined $500 and his license revoked for nine months.

Chelsea E. Chapman, 27, 524 Sunapee St., No. 9, Newport, pleaded innocent to driving after revocation/suspension Dec. 7 in Newport and the charge was placed on file without a finding.

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