NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending June 1:


David J. Farce, San Jose, Calif., and Richard A. Farce, Orange, Conn., sold land leading from Kelleyville to the Old Cutts Place to Patricia and Reginald Jacobus, Newport, for $20,000.

Angela A.M. Maynes, Newport, sold two parcels of land to James A. Weed, Newport, for $130,000.

Donna A. Knutson, Girdwood, Alaska, sold two parcels of land, Lots 16 and 17, on a Plan of Lots entitled Northwood Acres to Kachina M. Earthrowl, Newport, for $124,500.

Christopher Martin, Grantham, sold Lot. 6 on Alexander Avenue to Jeremy and Ashley Kowalczyk, Newport, for $135,000.

Jeffrey and Leighann King, Newport, sold land with buildings on the southerly side of Summit Road to Patricia and Michael Estrada, West Lebanon, for $198,000.


Carolyn Greenslet Towle, Claremont, sold land with improvements on the northerly side of East Mountain Road to Nicholas S. McCall, Charlestown, for $145,000.

Jayson P. Converse, Sorrento, Fla., sold three parcels of land with buildings in Beauregard Village to Lindsey M. Dauphin, Claremont, for $95,000.

Kdzanne LLC, Woodstock, Vt., sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Charlestown Road to Sullivan Property Management LLC, Claremont, for $280,000.

Ruth Roylance, Lebanon, sold property on the southerly side of Roberts Hill Road to Joshua Smith and Samantha Gastel, Newport, for $125,000.

Robert L. Rock and Teresa L. Rock, Claremont, sold three tracts of land on a Plan entitled Fairlawn to Norma W. Martin, Ascutney, for $143,000.

Jason Stone, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Pleasant Street to Susan Durfey and Ray Stone, Claremont, for $95,000.

Troy and Daniel Property Management LLC, Hillsborough, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Buena Vista Road to Neal and Rachael Sheehan, Claremont, for $114,900.

Powan and Mamata Bimali, Claremont, sold Condominium Unit 5 at McKenzie Lane Condominium to Erin Bista, Claremont, for $60,000.


Peter and Marla Winters, Cornish, sold land with buildings to Brianna L. Makalinaw, Canaan, for $180,000.


Andrew H. Hinkley and Patricia, co-trustees of the Cheyenne M. Chellis Revocable Trust, Charleston, Maine, sold land with improvements on the northwesterly side of Chellis Road in Meriden to Joshua A. Lascell and Isabella W. Martin, Lebanon, for $420,000.


Justine Lake, Sacramento, Calif., sold two parcels of land on the southwesterly corner of North Hemlock Road to Raymond Gosetti and Deann White, North Walpole, for $180,000.


Fred and Lynn Hubley, Bradford, sold Condominium Unit 15 at West Cove D Condominium, Eastman, to Linda Rheem, Potomac, Md.

Jacqueline M. Kempf, Amherst, sold land with buildings on a proposed subdivision for Sugarwood Development, Dunbar Hill Road to Alyssa K. Schramm and Ryan J. Brewster, Lebanon, for $255,000.

Steven and Karen Schawio, Porter Ranch, Calif., sold Condominium Unit 9 at West Cove C Condominium, Eastman, to Paula and Andrew Resh, Weston, Mass., for $189,500,


David and Nancy Pond, Greenfield, Mass, sold two parcels of land with buildings on the westerly side of Lake Avenue to Charles and Janet D’Atri, Los Angeles, for $435,000.

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