NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending March 14:


Britny Town, Claremont, sold a 1979 Marlette 14 by 70-foot manufactured home at Pine Hill Mobile Home Court, to Ellissa Coburn and Jeffrey and Tina Coburn, Claremont, for $31,500.

James Wiley, Claremont, sold land with buildings, Lot 49 and the northerly half of Lot 50 on a plan of lots called Revision of Lewis Heights to David Dubeau, Plainfield, for $137,000.

Herbert Ueda Jr., Rollingsford, sold land in the Ridgewood Section of Charlestown Road to Dennis McElreavy Jr., Manchester, for $262,000.

Shawna Walsh, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Chestnut Street to James and Amanda Geary, Claremont, for $144,000.


Frank and Marie Campisi, Springfield, N.H., sold land with improvements at Spring Glen, Eastman, to Curt and Victoria Pandiscio, Granby, Conn., for $400,000.

Thomas Duling, Newport, sold land with improvements on a plan called Kolelemook Acres to Kyle and Kristen Wingate, Lincoln, R.I., for $125,000.


U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Irving, Texas, sold land on Faxton Hill Road to Robert and Beverly Boyden, Washington, for $55,400.


Loon Lake Campground LLC, West Lebanon, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Reeds Mill Road to Loon Lake Campground and Event Center, Croydon, for $2,400,000.


Sean and Jennifer Hubbard, Carlisle, Mass, sold Lot 45 at Fisher’s Bay Development, Upper Bay Road to Jennifer and Stephen Saulnier, Arlington, Mass., for $428,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, sold land with improvements at 101 Bradford Road, to Lance M. Alonardo, Tilton and Mark R. Hardy II, Stratham, for $33,500.

Michael and Sherilene Zyla, sold Condominium Unit A at North View Townhouses, Georges Mills to Tracy Williams, Sunapee, for $257,000.

Michael Mark, executor under the will of Leena Mark, sold land with improvements on the southerly side of Sunny Lane to Michael Jr. and Shannon Traeagde, Sunapee, for $215,000.

William Price, Sunapee, sold land with buildings at Fisher’s Bay Development, Bay Road, to Sean and Jennifer Hubbard, Carlisle, Mass., for $910,000.


Peter and Elizabeth Fontaine, Claremont, sold two tracts of land with buildings in West Unity on the westerly side of the highway leading from Acworth to Claremont to Robert Miller Jr. and Martha Tanner, Unity, for $267,000.


Kyle Chicoine, Charlestown, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of West Street Extension to Zachary Sr. and Tammy Martineau, Charlestown, for $123,000.


Paul Jr. and Marianne Girouard, Burlington, Mass., sold land on the westerly right-of-way of Black Hill Road to John W. Arbogast, Plainfield, for $62,500.

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