NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Feb. 1:


Christopher and Patricia Bogen, Oxford, Conn., sold land on the southerly side of Brick Farm Road to David Schneider, Newport, for $30,000.

Frank and Frances Lizotte, Union Grove, N.C., sold land on the southerly side of Gilman Pond Road to Geraldine A. Rudenfeldt, Windsor, for $10,000.


Gary M. Coolidge Jr., Cornish, sold land with buildings on Edgewood Street to Aaron H. Feustel, Claremont, for $25,000.

William and Silvana Tooher, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of the highway leading from West Claremont to Claremont Junction to Russell and Valerie Lyman, Claremont, for $150,000.

Gloria Fleming, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the northerly right-of-way line of Mann Court to Jane M. Hayes, Claremont, for $131,500.

Janice K. Bresell, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Park Avenue to Keith and Shannon Peverill, Auburn, for $125,000.


Galen and Sharon Rose, Sunapee, sold two-thirds interest to property at Granliden-On-Sunapee with one-third going to Barry and Shaunna O’Neil, Nashua, and one-third to Kelly and Ann Rose, Nashua, for $200,000.


Carolyn Ferguson, Keene, sold land with improvements at South Cove, Section 2, Eastman, to Barry M. Isaacs, New London, for $287,500.


Shanna Emanuel, Claremont, sold land on the westerly side of East Road to Robin and Candace Waterman, Newbury, Vt., for $70,000.

Filion Property LLC, Cornish, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of the highway known as River Road to Kenton and Brandi Judkins, Enfield, for $227,000.

Susan Neil, Cornish, sold land on the easterly side of Parsonage Road to Roger and Mary Chamberlin, Enfield, for $139,000.


21st Mortgage Corporation, Knoxville, Tenn., sold a 28 by 44-foot 2000 Fleetwood manufactured unit at 120 Gazebo Lane, formerly known as 120 Morways Park, to Connie Pratt, Manchester, for $36,000.

Wendy S. Woodman, executrix of the estate of Peter Ptasnick, Claremont, sold land to Lana A. Farris, Charlestown, for $125,000.

Heidi Courtemanche, Charlestown, sold land with buildings to Christopher and Jessica Carvalho, Meriden, Conn., for $174,000.


Rebecca Nelson, administrator of the estate of Eugene C. Powers, Newport, sold land with improvements to Ronald and Catherine Simoneau, Charlestown, for $120,000.


Barrie Peterson, Chantilly, Va., administrator of the estate of Judith Atwater, late of Plainfield, sold property to Vernon and Holly Sue Braswell, Plainfield, for $10,000.


Ernest Colsman, Morgantown, EW. Va., sold land to Seth Robertson, Deerfield, for $4,500.


Veronica Valley, Dayton, Maine, sold land with buildings on the southerly side of Laurel Street to William and Christine Mulreed, Wilton, Conn., for $25,000.


Joseph Corcoran, Francestown, sold two parcels of land at Lake Ashuelot Estates to Robert and Laura Langlois, Hudson, for $195,000.


Rex McClain Baker III and Pamela Hilary Baker, Harrisville, sold property joining Hidden Springs Corporation and Davis and Symonds Lumber Company to James M. Callahan, Peterborough, for $365,000.


Martin Smith, Rye, and Michael Lewandowski, Nashua, sold property known as the “Hiram Thissell” Farm to Trevor L. Davey and Brenda A. Davey, Goshen, for $100,000.


David Eric Hallsworth and Florencia A. Hallsworth, Fairfield, Conn., sold land on Ball Hill Road to Jeffrey A. Holmes and Lisa M. Homes. Langdon, for $62,500.


Nathan M. Ross and John M. Wilcox, Newport, sold Lot 5-2 at Oak Hill containing 2.89 acres to Mark Armitage and Shelby Lee Armitage, Fairlee, for $175,000.

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