NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending May 11:


Robert A. Lewis, Chichester, sold land with buildings on Dunbar Hill Road to Kristin Arruda, Grantham, for $401,000.

Stephen D. Hoyt, Longmeadow, Mass., sold land with improvements at Greensward, Section 17, Eastman, to Hubertus Vandervoort, Grantham, for $219,000.

Gale and Douglas Grenier, Salisbury, sold a Condominium Unit at East Lake Condominium, East Lake Drive, Eastman, to Donna Furtado, Plymouth, Mass., for $190,000.

U.S. Bank National Association, West Palm Beach, Fla., sold property at 408 Howe Hill Road to William and Christine Mulreed, Wilton, Conn., for $67,000.


MTGLO Investors L.P., Houston, Texas, sold property at 28 Lempster Road to Armand H. Anctil Jr., Washington, for $75,000.


Chris Benedict, Croydon, sold right, title and interest to land on Dartmouth College Highway leading from Croydon Flat to Croydon to Amy S. Benson, Lebanon, for $150,000.


Marilyn Wallace, Ojai, Calif., sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Winter Street Extension to Gary and Sharon Keeney, Claremont, for $165,000.

Eric D. Hector, Claremont, sold land with buildings on Chestnut Street to John and Tricia Henning, Fort Worth, Texas, for $120,000.

Series 13, a Series of Heloc Bauer LLC, Lewisville Texas, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Benton Avenue to Michael and Jessica Farrell, Claremont, for $79,000.

Joel R. Martell, Claremont, sold two parcels of land on the southerly side of Twistback Road to Twin Pines Construction LLC, Claremont, for $130,000.

Mei Feng Zhang, Hanover, sold land with buildings on the southeasterly corner of East Pleasant Street to Pawan and Mamata Bimali, Claremont, for $73,000.


Angelica C. Dierks, Charlestown, sold land to Patricia A. Brett and David K. Benoit, Croydon, for $44,000.


Mark Baker, Putney, sold land on Old Claremont Road to Jonathan M. Ratliff, Newport, for $38,000.


Roger and Mary Chamberlin, Enfield, sold land with buildings on Hill Road leading from Plainfield to Meriden to Sharon and Peter Farnum, Wilton, Maine, for $315,000.

Mark and Nancy Wilder sold land on the right-of-way for Center of Town Road to Matthew and Katherine Moore, Lyme, for $62,500.

Helen and George Koehler, Plainfield, sold land with buildings on Route 12A to Frank and Lorraine Sutphin, Frenchtown, N.J., for $250,000.


Lake Sunapee Partnership LLC, Springfield, sold a parcel of land on the shore of Lake Sunapee at 77 Lake Ave. to Michael and Anita Hayes, Westport, Conn., for $1,850,000.

David Swist, Dana Swist and Loren Deveau, Portsmouth, R.I., sold land with improvements on the northeasterly edge of the right-of-way for Trow Hill Road to Sawyer J. Latva, Sunapee, for $175,000.


Harold and Kathleen LaRock, Charlestown, sold land with buildings on Main Street to Mark Jr. and Kelly Ann Robinson, Spofford, for $233,000.


Adam J. Cilley, Newport, sold land with buildings at Woodland Manor to Stefanie Howell, Lempster, for $136,700.


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