NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Nov. 2:


Gladys B. Hudson, Newport, sold two tracts of land with buildings bounded on the west side of the highway leading from Sunapee Village to Georges Mills to Lucille Kaul, an undivided three-quarters interest, and Donald T. Thompson III, an undivided one-quarter interest, Brielle, N.J., for $89,000.

David and Jean McKinley, Sunapee, sold land with buildings on the southeasterly side of Hamel Road to Michelle K. Sing, Stoneham, Mass., for $485,000.

913 Route 11 LLC, Sunapee, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Route 11 to Abigail Kinney and Jonathan Newman, Lebanon, for $205,000.

Norman L. Stowell, Sunapee, sold Lot 17 on a plan of Sunapee Heights to John and Barbara Our, Harwichport, Mass., for $542,000.


Christie Bourgeois and Jon Dame, Goshen, sold land with buildings bounded on the west by the highway leading from Goshen Corners, so-called, to Lempster, to Bradford and Jennifer Rand, Leicester, Mass., for $239,000.


Howard Jr. and Norma Bowie, Claremont, sold land running westerly on the crossroad leading from Hanover Street to Winter Street to Robert E.L. Knight III, Tisbury, Mass., for $163,000.

Jason D. Stone, Claremont, sold Lot 3 on a plan of lots off Breck Avenue to Smith and Teri Pratt, Winchester, for $136,500.

Vivian Ferguson, Hudson, Fla., sold land with buildings on the westerly corner of Middle and Summer streets at 31 Summer St. to Sunjit Chawla, New York City, for $68,000.

Gerard E. Desmarais Jr., Claremont, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Sand Hill Road, Claremont to Parry Construction LLC, Cornish, for $87,000.

James R. Sabalewski, Claremont, sold land on the westerly side of Green Mountain Road to Justin R. Corbett, Claremont, and Alicia Ambrose, Newport, for $56,800.

Joan K. Coolidge, Claremont, sold land with buildings on Twistback Road to Alexander Hill, Claremont, for $92,900.

Arthur Dumayne, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the westerly right-of-way line of West Road to Jenna Dumayne, Claremont, for $1652,500.

Lillianne Lawrence, Claremont, sold a 1984 14 by 60-foot Flamingo mobile home at 11 Lisa Place (Pine Hill Mobile Home Court) to Arthur and Joan Dumayne, Claremont, for $35,000.

Raymond Nuttle, Claremont, sold a 1970 Princess mobile home at 4 Madison Place to Angela Rook, Haverhill, for $4,000.


Darwin and Kathleen Moore, Mansfield, Mass., sold land with improvements at Lake Ashuelot Estates to Sabina and Vesselin Kovatchev, Brooklyn, N.Y., for $28,000.

Benjamin A. Potter, Washington, sold land with buildings at Lake Ashuelot Estates to David Park, Norwalk, Conn., for $222,500.


Daniel L. Reagan, Langdon, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Winch Hill Road to Julian and Crystal Pedrazzani, Duncanville, Pa., for $267,500.

Tamara J. Amos, adminisratrix of the estate of Edward John Amos Jr., Newport, sold a 1977 Schult-Presidential mobile home at 3 Chip Way (Country Club Estates) to Jon H. Dame, Guild, for $15,000.


Peter Jr. and Carolyn Gedenberg, South Acworth, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Beryl Mountain Road to Blake and Kristen Gowen, South Acworth, for $126,000.


Rosann Rafala and Kelly Voss, East Haddam, Conn., sold land with buildings at 15 Loon Loop to Edward II and Vicky Welch, Newport, for $143,000.

William Cantrell, Athol, Mass., sold land with buildings, a New Moon mobile home at 313 Mountain Road to Paul Medeiros, Laurie Medeiros and Katelin Medeiros of Hillsborough, for $70,000.


Bryrony and Patrick Henault, Grantham, sold land with buildings to Lindsey M. Schwartz, Lebanon, for $203,000.


Carol Soleau, Corvallis, Ore., and Martha Day, Cedar Grove, N.J., sold land with buildings on the northerly shore of Dutchmans Pond to Jeffrey Soleau, Delmar, N.J., for $180,000.


Thomas and Deborah Krebs, Newport, sold land with buildings, Lots 36 and 37, at Birchwood Grove Reidential Development to Adam G. Trenholm, Nashua, for $199,900.


Debra Leahy and Jessie Bazell, Unity, property at 4 Wheeler Drive to Andrew Wallach, Hooksett, for $14,500.

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