NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Oct. 26:


Andrea B. Urista, Newport, sold land with improvements on the southerly side of Cornish Turnpike to Harold W. Whitehouse Jr., Newport, for $95,000.

Diane C. Deckard, Newport, sold land with improvements at North Newport to Mary Kay Bernard and John J Bernard, Riverside, Calif., for $279, 000.

Edward J. Welch II and Vicky L. Welch, Newport, sold land on the westerly side of Bascom Road to Noah J. Wade, Newport, for $200,000.


James and Sherra Carr, Claremont, sold two tracts of land with buildings on the easterly side of Severance Street to Gina L. Radford, Claremont, for $175,000.

Donald E. Helin, Claremont, sold a 1983 Marlette mobile home at 10 Eric Place (Pine Hill Mobile Home Court), Claremont, to Joanne Quinn, Springfield, N.H., for $28,000.

Samantha Pollock, Claremont, sold land on the easterly side of East Green Mountain Road to Richard James Shagoury, Sunapee, for $232,500.

Ryan M. Sargent, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Beckwith Avenue to Michael and Maryjane Kolenda, Claremont, for $145,000.

Zullo-Dauphin Group LLC, Claremont, sold land bounded on he south by Tremont Square and on the north by Crescent St. at 36-38 Opera House Square to Sunrise Properties Group LLC, for $220,000.


Charles P. Monahan, Grantham, sold land with improvements at North Cove, Section 4, to Eugene and Carol Carrutto, Towson, Md., for $289,000.

Brian A. Cloud and Janice G. Smith sold land with improvements on the northeasterly side of Hogg Hill Road to Gene M. Hayes and Susan M. Isabell, Grantham, for $80,000.

Joseph and Elizabeth Tomasewick, Silverthorne, Colo., sold land with improvements at Greensward, Section 4, Eastman, to Brian Pavur, Granby, Conn., for $235,000.

Todd M. Boucher, Middleton, Mass., sold land with improvements at Burpee Hill, Section 3, Eastman, to Richard and Jennifer Stout, Randolph, Vt., for $225,000.

Lili K. Colby and Ira Gordon Colby IV, Plymouth, Mass., sold a condominium unit at East Lake Condominium, East Lake Drive, Eastman, to Helene Perrier, Bedford, for $220,000.

Lilla Virks, Canton, Mass., sold land with improvements at Anderson Pond, Section 1, Eastman, to Kristen Kneisel Leaning and Ian Leaning, Grantham, for $96,000.


Karen E. Partridge, Unity, sold land on the easterly side of West Unity Road to Kyleigh Alexis Lund, Sunapee, for $232,000.


Kevin and Clara McNamara, Meriden, sold land on the northerly side of Camp Road to Shawn and Kimberly Dixon, Meredith for $311,400.


Carolyn A. Vogel, Harrisville, executor of the estate of William B. Ruger Jr., sold land with improvements, 15 acres, on a plan of land entitled property of Pine Tree Castings Corporation, formerly William F. Rogers, Newport and Croydon, and two parcels of land, 17.5 acres, on a plan entitled property of Sturn, Ruger & Company Inc., formerly H. Edgell, Newport/Croydon, for $43,000.


Adam Bray, Jessica Bray and Timothy Bray, Springfield, N.H., sold land with improvements on Bowman Road to Mason and Eleanor Wheeler, Springfield, for $20,000.


John and Elizabeth Bowman, Alstead, sold land with buildings in Langdon and Alstead to Peter Anderson, Thetford Center, Vt., for $179,900.


Michael Todd, Georges Mills, sold a lot with buildings and improvement at 15/21 Cooper St. on the shore of Lake Sunapee to Goodhue Sunapee Real Property LLC, Meredith, for $1,447,000.


Ginger Roberts-Kimball and Isaiah John Kimball, Charlestown, sold land with buildings on the easterly side of Main Street to Perrin Worrell, Charlestown, for $140,000.


Linda M. Kenyon and Rollin W. Paight Jr., Keene, sold land on the easterly side of Dodge Hollow Road to Jason R. Kuntz and Stefanie R. Kenyon, Keene, for $135,000.

Stephen E. Kent, Pembroke, sold two tracts of land, Lot 45 at Long Pond Development of the Lempster Town Forest to Philip J. Tirrell Jr., Salisbury, for $13,000.

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