NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Sept. 28:


Joseph G. Simino Jr. and Michael P. Hardy, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Route 12A to John N. Preston, Lebanon, for $215,600.

Jacqueline M. Ford, Claremont, sold two tracts of land with buildings at the corner of Ridge Avenue and a proposed street to be called William Street to Nancy J. Eckert, Laconia, for $140,000.

Brian and Kristin Small, Marathon City, Wis., sold two tracts of land with buildings on the westerly side of Mulberry Street to Anil Sangroula and Bhaidani Pandey Sangroula, Claremont, for $120,000.

Neil Pinkham Jr., Claremont sold two tracts of land bonded on the north by the highway leading from Claremont to Newport to Kevin and Debra Macia, Claremont, for $30,000.


Cheryl A Page, Newport, sold land with buildings on the southeasterly side of Christopher Road to Jacob C. Pearo, Claremont, and Emma R. Pederson, Claremont, for $160,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, sold property at 439 Cold Pond Road to Eric D. Hector, West Lebanon, for $8,000.

Peter and Sharon Companion, Unity, sold land with buildings on the westerly right-of-way line of Center Road to James Hannon, Sunapee, for $220,000.


Carolyn A Vogel, executor of the estate of William B. Ruger Jr., Harrisville, sold three parcels of land with improvements, 95-plus acres, to Margot K. Estabrook, Newport, for $300,000.

Peter Casey, Newport, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of South Main Street to Ruth E. Osuch, Sunapee, for $158,600.

Richard A. Melloy III, Michael LeRoy, Terrence Barnes and Gregory Fowler, all of Hooksett, sold land at the intersection of the Claremont-Newport town line to Addy Mae Williams, Newport, for $112,000.

Edina Realty Investment Corporation, Newport, sold land with buildings on East Mountain to Peter and Tina Blythe, Lempster, for $249,000.

Deborah McGlew, Newport, sold two parcels of land with buildings at Guild to Nicole E. LaBombard, Lebanon, for $124,000.


Larry and Deborah Dufresne, Chiefland, Fla., sold and with improvements, on Old Route 10 to Raitin Management LLC, Enfield, for $42,000.

Francoise and Gary Turner, Grantham, sold land with buildings, Lot 10, on a plan for Olde Farms at Grantham to Brady Maynard, Canaan, for $164,000.

Jane W. Friday, Sarasota, Fla., sold land with improvements at Greensward, Section 9, Eastman, to Nancy and Charles Cameron, Grantham, for $18,500,

Travis Hutchins, Grantham, sold land to Mary Hutchins, Grantham, for $192,000.


Timothy M. Rogers, Charlestown, and Melissa M. Rogers, Charlestown, sold a 1984 Holiday manufactured housing unit at 66 Brookside Drive to Lorella and Stephen Gaboury for $24,000.

Jerry Duford, Charlestown, sold a 1984 Allison mobile home at 49 Ponderosa Park to Stephen Lord, Charlestown, for $10,000.

Heidi P. Putnam, Charlestown, and Bruce S. Ferland, Charlestown, sold two tracts of land to Leslie and David Murray, Redmond, Ore., for $240,000.


Jeffrey and Donna Fitzgerald, Sunapee, sold land with improvements on a plan of lots known as Ridgewood to Kenneth and Marion Burchard, Hanover, for $1,200,000.

James L. Hannon, Sunapee, sold land with buildings at Lot 19 on a plan of “Sun Heights” to Cleber Sonu and Alice Kim-Sonu, Lebanon, for $266,000.

Total Laser Leasing, Newport, sold land on the northerly side of Route 103 to Alan G. LaRose, Goshen, for $67,900.


Jason Canney, Deering, sold two tracts of land with buildings at Lake Ashuelot Estates to Glenn A. Davis, Warner, for $17,000.

Michael and Rita Fasci, Bristol, Conn., sold Lot 954 with improvements at Highland Lake Shores to Timothy and Cecilia Kendrick, Winsted, Conn., for $12,500.


Sze and Sharon Chan, Littleton, Mass., sold 12.02 acres of land in a subdivision plat for Bog Pond to Mathias and Debra Lydon, Walpole, Mass., for $25,000.


Janet Murphy, Acworth, sold land with buildings on the northerly side of Route 123A to Baptist Paul Martyr and Michelle Arlene Martyr, Acworth, for $117,500.

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