NEWPORT — The following property transfers were recorded at the office of the Sullivan County Register of Deeds during the week ending Sept. 21:


Keith B. Simino, Grantham, and Rosemary Simoneau, Newport, sold land with buildings on Oak Street to Gary Galovic, Sagamore Beach, Mass., for $307,500

Angela M. Brown, Newport, sold land on Church Street to Joseph Porter, Bradford, for $130,000.


Thomas R. Davis, Plymouth, sold two tracts of land with buildings at Whitcomb Heights to Kenneth Wiley Jr. and Jaime Clogston, Claremont, for $210,000.

Donald T. Thompson III, Claremont, sold land with buildings on a plan of Winter Street Plat to Harold A. Morse Jr., Claremont, for $71,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, sold right, title and interest to land at 119 Veterans Park Road to Gary Coolidge, Claremont, for $79,290,

Ann V. Davidson, Claremont, sold land with improvements on a subdivision plan of Arden Acres to Scott and Sheila Kearns, Cornish, for $170,000.

Christina D. Keeney, Claremont, sold land with buildings on the northwesterly side of West Pleasant Street to Ralph L. Gove and Mary L. Miller, Claremont, for $118,000.

Dona E. Blaine, Claremont, sold land with two-story house and garage on the northerly side of South Street to Granite Properties New England LLC, for $46,000.

Gary Coolidge, Claremont, sold right, title and interest to land with buildings on the easterly side of Chestnut Street Extension also known as Old Turnpike Road, leading from Claremont to Unity to Kyle Coolidge, Claremont,

Zurek-Couto Family Trust, Claremont, sold land on Pillsbury Street to Theresa Taylor, Claremont, for $40,000.


David Gibson and Amy Stockman sold two tracts of land with buildings on Whittaker Road to Austin and Lillian Powell, Plainfield.

Leslie S. Jacobson, New York City, and Lisbeth Jacobson, Tarrytown, N.Y., sold land on the westerly side of the highway leading from Plainfield Plain to property known as Black Hill Road to Equity Trust Co., West Lake, Ohio, for $27,000.


Lindsay Leathers, Grantham, sold land with buildings at Snow Hill, Section 3, Eastman, to Leah M. Valente, Flathead, Mont., for $220,000.

Conrad and Lea Frey, Grantham, sold Unit 3 at Gray Ledges Condominium to Alexander and Suzanne Yong, Springfield, Mass., for $335,000.

Charles and Carin Sentman, Grantham, sold land with improvements at Greensward, Section 4, Eastman, to Paul and Jane Vasquez, White River Jct., for $321,000.


Scott and Sheila Kearns, Cornish, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Route 120 to Robin and Janice Kilfeather-Maskey, Plainfield, for $475,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Washington, sold property at 1421 New Hampshire Route 120 to Gary M. Coolidge, Claremont, for$32,500.


Daniel and Loriann St. Jarre, Langdon, sold land to Allyson Logan and Scott Andersen, Swanzey, for $256,000.


Mary L. Boivin, Acworth, sold land with buildings on the westerly side of Bailey Road to Jason D. Smith, Claremont, for $129,900.

Kathleen Stenger, Kings Park, N.Y., sold Lot 18 on a plan of Pierce Brook Estates to Russell Chesanek, Acworth, for $15,000.


Sarah T. Smith, Sherman, Conn., sold a 14 by 79-foot Titan mobile home at 38 Ponderosa Park to Justin Russell, Charlestown, for $22,000.

Deborah Ann Reynolds, Charlestown, sold a 1986 14 by 79-foot Holiday Manor Manufactured housing unit at 40 Oakwood Park (Morways Mobile Home Park) to Angela Sekscenski, Cromwell, Conn., for $21,900.


Susan E. Lichty, Lempster, sold land at Misty Wood Acres, Keyes Hollow Road, to Frank W. Couitt, Claremont, for $125,000.

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