The leaves are doing a couple of things of late. Slow but sure, right on schedule, those leaves are turning color in anticipation for Columbus Day Weekend when visitors flock to New Hampshire to view the foliage. The leaves are also starting to fall, which means it won't be long before the raking season starts.

It was chilly on Monday morning with a low temperature of 38 degrees. Vehicle windshields were icy and in some areas rooftops were frosty. In some communities up north the early morning temperature was down to 31 degrees.

The halfway point for high school football teams is also this weekend, another sign of how fast the weeks seem to fly by.

Week in Review

Date High Low Precis.

Sept. 25 67 48 0.01

Sept. 26 69 48 0.34

Sept. 27 67 45 0.01

Se[t 28 77 47 0.00

Sept. 29 68 57 0.00

Sept. 30 60 38 0.01

Oct. 1 67 48 0.05

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