The annual January thaw showed up over the weekend and hung around for nearly two days. The high temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 11 and 12, set records and not by a degree or two.

The record high on Friday, Jan. 10 was set back in the middle of the 1880's at Concord. That high fell by the wayside. Other highs were recorded at Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth and everywhere else in the state.

In short, the high temperatures on those two days are now in the record books as two of the warmest days in history for January, according to the National Weather Service. The record high temperature of 67 degrees Sunday was announced at around 4:45 p.m.

Those two “hot” January days took care of most of the snow on the ground, an unusual sight for January. A cool front started arriving Sunday afternoon and the prediction for Friday calls for “bitter cold” temperatures to arrive, topped off by a snowstorm on Saturday.

A misty rain covered much of Sullivan County at midafternoon Monday and roads very quickly took on a thin coat of ice. A section of Interstate 89 in the Sutton Area was closed to traffic because of icy conditions.

Highway crews were out spreading salt on ice-covered roads and there were no reports of schools being closed on Tuesday morning or having delayed starts. The outlook for the upcoming weekend calls for freezing temperatures with well-below zero wind chills along with 2-5 inches of snow on Saturday.

Date High Low Precip.

Jan. 8 36 23 0.4Sn

Jan. 9 37 9 0.01

Jan. 10 39 23 0.10

Jan. 11 56 35 0.19

Jan. 12 60 29 0.15

Jan. 13 32 26 0.00

Jan. 14 39 31 0.00

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