The Newport Winter Carnival welcomed a brief period of overnight snow on Wednesday, Feb. 5. A prediction of 3-6 inches turned out to be less than 2 inches in many areas and a little more in others here in Sullivan County. It was easy to push around in driveways and even easier clearing the snow off motor vehicles.

The coldest day of winter made its way into Sullivan County during the night on Friday, Feb. 14. The wind died down but the temperature kept heading downward.

It's rather neat to note that the low temperature on Sunday of 20 was 32 degrees higher that Saturday's low of -12, which turned out sunny and even warmed up quite a bit.

With a perfect ice surface, there were plenty of skaters making their way around the skating rink on the Newport Common over the weekend.

The weather week ended with an on again, off again snowfall that ended up totaling 5.1 inches. The storm was timely and school students didn't get another day off from classes.

Date High Low Precip.

Feb. 12 38 28 0.06

Feb. 13 29 30 0.08Rn.


Feb. 14 23 2 0.00

Feb. 15 23 -12 0.00

Feb. 16 34 20 0.00

Feb. 17 35 23 0.00

Feb. 18 30 15 5.1”Sn

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