Daylight Saving Time kicked in on Sunday morning and in exactly one week, Thursday, March 19, Spring arrives as Winter continues to melt away.

It may be a while, however, before we're out of the snow season. March probably won't give up easily. The best thing about this week, however, were the two days when the afternoon temperature made their way into the low 60s before cooling down once more at the end of the week.

Most lawns have surfaced with the melting of snow. The ice rinks on the Newport Common melted down earlier in March and the warming hut has been moved back to its summer location.

Date High Low Precip.

Mar. 4 45 39 0.00

Mar. 5 46 33 0.00

Mar. 6 45 23 0.00

Mar. 7 38 23 0.00

Mar. 8 49 22 0.00

Mar. 9 68 38 0.00

Mar. 10 62 37 0.00

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