A thunderstorm passed through the area Saturday evening featuring some heavy, but brief rain, plenty of thunder and some lightning. There were also a few brief batches of impressive winds accompanying the storm. Another storm with blasts of thunder and lightning made a quick appearance after dark on Sunday evening that aught the attention of many area residents.

While summer isn't exactly over yet on the calendar, it is for school-age students who will be heading back to school as early as next Monday in Sunapee and Tuesday in Newport. Looking back, it was a fast-moving summer.

Wednesday's weather outlook was on the dismal side for anyone planning outdoor activities. Rain, thunder and lightning came through around 7:30 a.m. and all three were expected to arrive again later in the day along with high winds.

Week in Review

Date High Low Precip.

Aug. 14 81 59 0.00

Aug. 15 81 59 0.00

Aug. 16 75 64 0.09

Aug. 17 85 68 0.30

Aug. 18 83 65 0.12

Aug. 19 88 63 0.01

Aug. 20 83 61 0.00

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