During the past weather week the afternoon temperatures cooled down from the 90's with only a pair of days flashing some humidity. Occasional days featuring a breeze in the air were most welcome.

A few light sprinkles fell on Saturday before the sun made its way through the dark clouds around the lunch hour. The final Old Home Day in the area was held in Lempster on Saturday and it attracted a large crowd.

The morning temperature during the week cooled down a bit from the previous week and without the muggy air it was also a sign that summer is on a downhill slide.

Many back yard gardeners are still waiting to pick their first ears of corn this season. The wait will definitely be well worth it, however.

The low temperature of 46 on Sunday morning was the low so far this “summer.” It certainly is a sign of what lies ahead.

Week in Review

Date High Low Precip.

Aug. 7 84 66 0.00

Aug. 8 83 66 0.13

Aug. 9 81 61 0.04

Aug. 10 73 56 0.00

Aug. 11 76 46 0.00

Aug. 12 83 54 0.00

Aug. 13 79 68 0.00

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