It wasn't exactly a hot week according to the daily temperature readings. The morning lows were on the frosty side, days that cars had to be warmed up to rid the windshield and other windows of heavy frosts.

Looking ahead to the new weather week, however, helped folks in New Hampshire forget those cold mornings. We may even hit 50 at some point during the final week of February.

Some folks generally consider winter to be over when it's time to turn the calendar page from February to March. Oh, for sure, there will still be chilly days and some snow, but the new month is will also have warmer temperatures, certainly a promising sign looking ahead.

The snow started to take a beating on Saturday with a high temperature of 47 degrees and even higher on Monday. Of course, March, just around the corner, is not exactly a snowless period as spring approaches.

Date High Low Precis.

Feb. 19 34 29 0.00

Feb. 20 26 2 0.00

Feb. 21 27 -7 0.00

Feb. 22 38 6 0.00

Feb. 23 47 14 0.00

Feb. 24 52 21 0.00

Feb. 25 48 32 0.00

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