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After closing out the final week of 2018 with some sleet and rain, which then proceeded to freeze on driveways and walkways, fresh snow arrived during the early-morning hours of Thursday, Jan. 2. It was white, fluffy and easy to shovel.

It took about one day to melt snow from the last storm but it left wet roadways and salt trucks were out on Saturday morning.

A batch of fresh winter air and wind moved over the area on Sunday, Jan. 6. While readings at 10 above zero or in the single numbers in some areas was a definite sign of winter, it was much better than waking up to a 20 below zero temperature.

A pair of storms passed through at midweek. The first, on Monday night, left an inch or two of powder snow. On Wednesday morning, before daybreak, the second snowstorm found its way to Sullivan County and 3-6 inches of snow was predicted before it made its way east.

It was a heavy, wet snow, perfect for making snowmen. Most area schools had two-hour opening delays. The weatherman predicted this storm was going to turn to rain once it warmed up a few degrees and the snow came to a halt.



Two Weeks in Review

Date High Low Precip.

Jan. 2 29 18 0.00

Jan. 3 34 25 2.10”Sn

Jan. 4 38 28 0.01

Jan. 5 35 26 0.00

Jan. 6 39 29 0.00

Jan. 7 30 10 0.00

Jan. 8 31 20 1.1”Sn

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