The Newport school board’s “public” meeting on July 25 was highlighted again by everything that is wrong with Newport’s school board and school administration. School administration still holds a firm position with lowest of the low school administrations in the state.

The school board vice chair was very, very ineffective. She had no control of her board or administration and allowed them to spew disrespect and physical aggression toward public speakers. The school board and administration together showed disrespect to agenda speakers, also by pushing them along like they were non-factors in trying to add to the betterment of the district.

The board’s embedded politician and longest sitting board person attacked every speaker on the agenda with aggression that tries to induce a fight from the speakers. It was a push by the school board as it had called the police and they were there to cover the very open backs of our school district employees. The police were not needed but thank you for being there. It shows how insecure the administration is knowing that the aggression it is supporting and spewing make it very vulnerable.

I will give all our citizens a big thank you for not getting into the administration’s trap. The traps were set by Ms. Irwin and Ms. Spencer, the superintendent, and George Caccavaro.

I do not know the superintendent’s name as he has not been given a name placard at this position at the head of the administration table. Just maybe he has not been given a name placard because he is already trying to find the door.

Kurt Minich


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