To the Editor:

The Newport School Board’s article, front page of the April 18 Argus-Champion, drafted by Virginia Irwin is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our District’s Administration. Before writing the article, Virginia “Biddy” Irwin, by her own admission, had to control her extreme bitterness of temper (vitriol).

Other people and I are recipients of her vitriol eruptions during School Board meetings.

Biddy admits, I paraphrase her: “Over 35 years I have dealt with Bert and I cannot figure him out.” I’ll give you a little help. Bert is a person that understands that all numbers have a meaning, they identify something. They must be respected and accurate. Bert is a person that understands all procedures must follow certain guidelines and rules. There must be respect given to all. Freedom of speech and proper dialogue further a positive agenda to move forward. The negativity of our school district holds our entire system at check.

In this day and age, I cannot believe the School Board signed off on Biddy’s article, when she used a “guns a blazing” reference in her article. No leadership in our School Board, as they all signed off on her childish rant.

I do have to explain what led up to Bert’s mentioning of Linda Wadensten’s son’s birthday party at the school. Bert, at two previous School Board meetings asked the board if it had any knowledge of a party held at the school. I don’t recall what Linda’s reaction was at the second meeting, but at the first she was uncomfortable, looked away and wouldn’t respond.

At the meeting on April 4th. Bert (I paraphrase) asked her if it was a normal occurrence that her son was given a pizza birthday party at the school, during school hours. Bert got severely reprimanded and rightly so, for mentioning a family member of a school administrator.

Bert finally got a response, yes, he was “wrong,” and he was “wronged” by Linda, as she should have cleared it up instead of being embarrassed by the question the first time it was asked. She could have professionally called Bert to one side after the meeting and talked it out. Linda chose to set Bert up by letting it fester for six weeks.

Now, will the School Board publicly give Biddy the same tongue lashing Bert and I received, i.e., Biddy brought my “never mentioned,” never participated in any public arena family member into her article

I did a similar thing mentioning that Cindy Gallagher’s son is graduating in June. I didn’t argue with School Board member Ann (Spencer) as she read me the riot act, maybe she will apologize to me now, as I bring he facts forward.

Article, Front Page, Valley News, April 2.1019. Cindy gave Patrick O’Grady information for Article titled, “Newport Superintendent to depart.” In the article, there seemed to be an obvious correlation made between Gallagher’s son’s graduation in June and Cindy’s resignation in June. I just repeated what Cindy put out there to the media.

Kurt Minich


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