“Who are you going to vote for in the primary?” I repeatedly pose this question to friends, relatives and members of various groups to which I belong. With few exceptions, they respond that they do not know. Most have a favorite whom they feel would reflect their values and be good for the country, but they worry that he or she may not be able to beat Trump.

Voters and pundits alike incessantly discuss that issue and all have an opinion, but the truth and past history show us that nobody knows. As it has been since the day he was elected, it is all about Trump. He has invaded our government, the media and our minds with his endless ego needs and multitudes of non-facts which replace reality.

Perhaps, it is time for us to throw off the shackles and use our common sense to vote for the candidate we feel is most qualified to be president of the United States – how satisfying that would be! Then we could all work like crazy to get the winner of the primary elected. That is the way our democracy is supposed to work. Let’s make America normal again!

Cynthia Muse

Rye, NH

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