Regarding Sen. Bernard Sanders for President

Though I live in New Hampshire, I feel like I have known Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders for a long time. Many people I know feel the same way. He is elected over and over by comfortable margins because he has always worked “for the people,” specifically seniors, veterans, workers, the economy and the environment.

We know he is very knowledgeable on social security, women’s’ rights, climate change and the cost of medicine. On the issue of “endless war,” Bernie voted no to the Iraq War, while his opponent, Joe Biden, voted for the Iraq War. We know Sen. Sanders is a man of principle.

Bernie is on a roll — polls show him to be the favorite of a cross-section of New Hampshire voters. This diversity, dedication and large number of campaign contributors and volunteers should carry him to election victory on Feb. 11.

It’s time for undecided voters to pick their presidential candidate. I recommend reading up on Bernie, checking him out on YouTube and/or attending a Bernie town hall, soon.

Let’s put Bernie in the White House to work for the people.

William E. “Bill” Gallagher

Cornish, NH

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