I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Newport Board of Selectman with both Jeff Kessler and John Hooper for several years now. Today I write to support them both as they run for re-election in Newport on May 14th.

Both men are extremely dedicated to the Town of Newport and work very hard to ensure the prudent affairs of Town government are working well. Being a Selectman involves sacrificing a significant amount of personal time and both men are always willing to step up whenever and wherever the need exists.

Mr. Kessler brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and history to the table. His many years of public service both on the Board of Selectman and School Board are extremely valuable. He works hard to prepare for meetings and ensures the Board stays on track moving towards the goals the Board has set.

Mr. Hooper brings an excellent perspective for younger families in the Community and small businesses. He’s always willing to step up and serve on committees and attend extra meetings when necessary. And he’s very focused on keeping the budget in line and not growing faster than the community can afford.

Both men have been instrumental and helping keep our budgets as flat as possible while accomplishing many long-needed projects in Town. Please support them both on May 14th in the Newport Selectman race.

Todd Fratzel


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