After watching your meeting on May 23rd I hope you'll consider some changes to your new policy on public forum.

While you've managed to reduce the time a couple members of the community spend at the podium, you've sadly made it nearly impossible for anyone with serious concerns to publicly bring them forward.

Two residents at your May 23rd meeting were cut short by your three-minute time limit, yet they had serious concerns which they wanted to publicly bring forward to the board.

It was quite sad to watch, and doesn't portray your board as one that wants to work with the community to improve the schools. It seems you're only interested in hearing from members of the public that only have good things to say, rather than citizens that have serious concerns or questions.

At one of our more recent Board of Selectman meetings we had quite a few members of the public speak during public forum, one spoke over 10 minutes on some assessing issues, Kathy Hubert spoke about school funding for more than 15 minutes.

Both were important topics, more importantly they were topics and issues that the citizen wanted to bring forward in a public setting. Three minutes is an impossibly short amount of time to bring forward any topic of substance. Please, if you want the community to step forward and be part of the solutions, you must allow public comment without restrictions

Todd Fratzel


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