NEWPORT CHEERLEADERS take a break in the shade Saturday at halftime of Newport’s football game at Campbell. Front, from left, Annalise Surrell, Ariana Vasquez, Makayla Moulton and Brooklynn Mitchler. Back, Mikayla McDuffie, Kylie Bedell, Jasmyn Wilkinson, Elizabeth Surrell and Coach Melissa Mitchler.

NEWPORT — There will be no shortage of cheerleaders at halftime during Newport’s Homecoming football game against Monadnock on Saturday, Oct. 5.

The regular Newport High School cheerleaders and Middle School Cheerleaders, both coached by Melissa Mitchler, and 25 Youth Cheerleaders in Grades 3, 4 and 5 coached by Tessa Ash, will be in action.

Likely to attract plenty of attention is a new cheerleading team of returning Towle and Newport High School Alumni being headed by Nicole Galloway, a former cheerleading coach at Newport.

The Alumni squad of 32 cheerleaders has been holding practice session for several weeks on Monday and Tuesdays from 6:30-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9-10:30 a.m.

According to Christy Whipple, the team came together through communication on social media. “The cheerleaders are interested in doing it again, maybe every three to five years,” Whipple stated.

During practice sessions the “older” cheerleaders have been showing the current “younger” cheerleaders some cheerleading tricks from years past. In reverse, today’s cheerleaders are sharing their current cheering moves with their new friends.

The Alumni cheerleaders will be marching in the Homecoming Parade on Oct. 5th. Their attire will feature T-shirts, pom poms and bows.

The Alumni squad has also raised $175 that will be donated during the halftime ceremonies to the current cheerleading team.

Alumni Cheerleaders

Christy (Smith) Whipple, 88; Dodi (Hemingway) Violette, 81; Jodi (Kelley) Hoyt, 81; Stephanie (Butler) Butler, 07; Meghan (Holmes) Pike, 08; Crystal (Carter) Tousignant, 12; Pam (Hague) LaFountain, 75; Kendyl (Brown) Tetreault, 08; Janine (Strebel) Richards, 02; Ashley (Swain) Swain, 04; Terri (Gagne) Spanos, 81; Justine (Tourville) Beauchaine, 06; Tinamarie (Sanborn) Sanborn, 96; Jennifer (Richardson) Richardson, 08; Tess (Campbell) Ash, 06; Marisa (Cota) Cota, 19; Emily (Guyette) Guyette, 19; Kristie (Kathan) Howe, 02; Haley (McNamara) McNamara, 18; Emma (Branch) Branch, 18; Shannon (Geuser) Seymour, 06; Tracy (Carter) Conroy, 04; Kara (Kennedy) Kennedy, 07; Amanda (Perry) Perry, 04; Aspen (Toliver) Toliver, 17; Jasmine (Patenaude) Patenaude,18; Jasmine (Gardner) Spear, 07; Kayley (Touchette) Erisman, 07; Kattie (Roberts) Roberts, 05; Cindy (Tapman) Stevens, 98; Jenny (Sleath) Sleath, 93, and April (Judkins) Flanders, 98

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