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NEWPORT — Starting Wednesday, March 18, the Newport School District will deliver free breakfast and lunches to all children 18 and under throughout the Corvid emergency.

Four buses/vans will circuit the school district with a cold bag lunch and breakfast food for the following day.

Families can sign up by filling out the form posted on line at SAU or calling the SAU at 865.9600. Families need to provide a delivery address for the child within state lines. So far, more than 280 meals have been requested.

Delivery workers will wear gloves and masks and leave food at the door. Families are asked to not to greet the workers to reduce risk of CORVID virus transmission. Dogs should be contained.

All meals will be prepared at the High School. The menu will be online. Lunches will consist of a sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk.

The Newport School Board is partnering with the community to make sure all families have enough to eat. Newport School Board Chair Linda Wadensten reported on her participation in the South Congregational Church’s Got Lunch program, which delivers bags to families weekly throughout the summer. Efforts are underway to coordinate delivery of Got Lunch weekly meal bags with breakfast/lunch distribution to school children.

Wadensten reminded the public that the food pantry is still offering emergency relief. People can call 863.3411.

In addition to meals, the school district will be using the daily distribution system for assignments to go back and forth between teachers and students.

All Newport citizens are encouraged to participate with the school district. Interested volunteers can contact the SAU at 863.9500 or reach out to any of the school offices. This and recent school board meetings can be viewed by going to The next school board meeting will be held by remote participation on Thursday, March 19 at the SAU Office in Towle.

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