BRENT WILMOT, left, will join the Newport Police Department on March 2nd as its new police chief, replacing former Chief Jim Burroughs who retired at the end of January. Wilmot and Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase Chase, seated, have worked together for several years at the Claremont Police Department.

NEWPORT — Brent Wilmot, 38, a Stevens High School graduate in the Class of 2000, will join the Newport Police Department as its new chief effective Monday, March 2.

He will replace Jim Burroughs who retired Jan. 31 after a 25-year career, all with the Newport Police Department.

Wilmot plans to continue living in Claremont for now. “I’m open minded about living there,” he said Tuesday.

There are four children in the Wilmot home and all are students in the Claremont school system. They are Laiken Becker, a junior at Stevens; Matthew Becker, a freshman at Stevens; Matthew Wilmot, an eighth grader and Connor Wilmot, a fourth grader.

Wilmot holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, both from Plymouth State University. He also graduated from the 275th session of the FBI Academy on March 15, 2019. Claremont Chief Mark Chase is also a graduate of the FBI academy in 2012.

“We’ve always had a good relationship,” Chief Chase stated. “It can only be better, working together. His vision is the same as mine.”

Wilmot first police job was part-time at Ashland followed by a full-time

stint at Campton before coming to Claremont.

He has found police work rewarding. It involves the relationship we build inside the profession and with members of the community, he stated.

“Because of the nature of our profession, we come upon people at the worst times of their lives and in life’s most tragic moments grace and compassion are involved,” he said.

Wilmot said he is also familiar with Newport. “Newport is like a second home,” he admitted. “I’m normally in Newport all the time and I’m drawn to its vibrant sense of community.

Chief Chase said he is incredibly proud of Wilmot but sad to see him leave.

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