SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS, from left, Sue Elliott (CFA Scholarship Committee Member), Helen Armstrong, Mak Eldridge, Allison Callaghan, Brooklyn Mitchler, Emily Swindell, Lily Magoon, Alia Gonzalez, Jakob Vedova, Oliver Andrews, Lyndsey Patten, Mason Martell, Rob Kier (CFA Scholarship Committee Member). Not pictured: Hunter Labelle, Rette Solomon, Courtney Goodwin.

NEW LONDON — On Friday, July 5th the 2019 Center for The Arts Scholarship recipients were announced at the Mary Haddad Bandstand Concert in New London.

The Center for the Arts is proud to offer scholarships each year to talented students in the Lake Sunapee Region who are pursuing programs to further their studies in the arts. Each of these students will be attending arts programs next year in a variety of creative disciplines.

This years recipients include:Vivian “Mak” Eldridge, Springfield - Voice/Musical Theatre; Oliver Andrews, Andover -Music/Violin; Courtney Goodwin, New London - Visual Arts; Emily Swindell, Wilmot - Dance; Lily Magoon, Warner - Voice/Musical Theatre; Lindsey Patton, Newport - Dance; Mason Martell, Newport - Dance; Hunter LaBelle, Newbury - Visual Arts; Alia Gonzalez, Newport - Voice/Musical Theatre; Rette Solomon, Wilmot - Photography; Allison Callaghan, Warner - Dance; Jakob Vedova, New London - Voice/Musical Theatre; Helen Armstrong, Andover - Acting/Musical Theatre; Brooklyn Mitchler, Newport - Dance. Congratulations to these talented students.

All of these outstanding scholarship recipients will be performing at the Center for the Arts Members Appreciation Night on Aug. 21st at The Fells. They will also perform for the public in January 2020 at CFA First Fridays “Stars of Tomorrow,” at Whipple Hall.

For updated information about the scholarship program and performances please visit the Center for the Arts website at, or email

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