NEWPORT — The lineup of six adults who will be performing in Dancing with the Newport Stars Jan. 24 and 25 at the Newport Opera House has been announced.

Ticket information is available by calling the Petal Patch at 863-3833 or the Newport Opera House at 863-2412. The shows will start at 7 p.m.

The performances will feature six adults and their dancing partners and four juniors and their partners.

Bobby Bates

Bobby Bates is a native of the Sunshine town and a Sturm, Ruger employee for 31 years. He has also been Coach Bates to many, passing along a love of sports to generations of kids in Newport. Hunting and fishing, hiking and mountain biking are just a few of the outdoor pursuits that he shares with his family which include his children Ben and Eliza and his wife Becky. Pro Dancer – Aggie Proper

Sam Nelson

I currently work at the Sugar River Valley Tech Center where I teach Natural Resources and General Agriculture classes, the rest of the time is spent on our family farm (Beaver Pond). Any free time I have is spent with my wife Melissa exploring food and drink throughout New England, taking our dog on adventures or spending time with family and friends. Pro Dancer – Angie Stephens

Scott Barton

I live in Canaan with my wife of 25 years Wendy and our wonderful son Hawkens who is 15 years old . I have the privilege of working for Cory Patten’s Auto and Truck Works as the estimator and have been working for Cory for seven years . I enjoy watching our son play football and basketball, and have no place I’d rather be then on my Harley cruising down the road at 80 mph. Pro Dancer – Renee Patten

Lisa Ferrigno

First Grade Teacher, Richards Elementary School, Married to Paul Brown for 27 years. three beautiful children, Tim, 25, Zach, 24, and Gracie, 18 years old. Favorite hobbies, gardening, reading, working on our small hobby farm and spending time with friends and family. Pro dancer – Kareem Chichakly

Fran Huot

Fran Huot works as the marketing director for the Library Arts Center Gallery & Studio in Newport. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and taking the occasional art class at the Arts Center. She is a “transplant” from Texas almost 15 years ago, and lives in Newport with her husband Bryan and her two children—Max and Annabelle. Pro Dancer – Robert Steele

Donna Mahair

I have owned the Petal Patch for 18 years, President of the Chamber of Commerce. Married to Peter Mahair and am raising a 17-year-old Grandson, Austin. who is my joy. I work out five days a week and have currently added Zumba to my regiment. Pro Dancer – Steve Patten

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