George Caccavaro

George Caccavaro

CLAREMONT — George T. Caccavaro, 78, of Claremont, former business administrator at SAU 43 in Newport, has been charged with two counts of Sexual Assault, according to a press release from Claremont Police Chief Mark T. Chase.

These charges are filed as Class A Misdemeanors and carry up to one year of incarceration and a $2,000 fine for each charge.

This arrest is a result of a complaint that was filed earlier this year when Caccavaro was an employee of SAU 6 in Claremont.

The press release said Caccavaro was released on Personal Recognizance Bail and has a court date of Dec. 2, in Claremont 5th Circuit Court.

Caccavaro, a long-time Claremont resident, most recently has been employed by SAU 43 in Newport as business administrator.

SAU 43 Interim Superintendent Brendan Minnihan released the following statement on Tuesday:

“Dear Members of the Newport Community:

“I am writing to you today to provide some additional information regarding our former finance person, George Caccavaro. As you may have seen in the paper last evening, Mr. Caccavaro turned himself in to the Claremont Police Department Monday afternoon on two misdemeanor charges.

“On Friday, once I was notified that Mr. Caccavaro would be turning himself in on Monday, he was placed on administrative leave. On Monday, Mr. Caccavaro indicated that his resignation would be forthcoming. It is important to mention that the alleged incident did not take place within the Newport School District or during his time working for the District.

"Moving forward, we have a three-part plan to address the district finances and budgeting in the short and long-term.

“Short-term we will work with a certified Business Administrator who I have worked with in the past. As a retired business administrator, he will work with us for one or two days per week to focus on budget preparation. In addition, we will have a CPA we have worked with previously provide support and assistance as needed to our accountant, Michelle Boucher.

“Long-term we will assemble a search committee to begin the process of advertising and hiring a business administrator to provide district-level support in the future.

“Times of sudden change are difficult, but I want each of you to know that we have a plan in place to address this challenge. It is my hope that we work together as one Tiger Nation to provide our students and each other with the support and resources needed to be successful.”

Over the years Caccavaro has served as mayor, on the school board and on other community boards. According to his LinkedIn page, he is retired from having served as CEO for Cone Blanchard and also served as the business administrator for the Mascoma Valley School District.

SAU 6 Superintendent Michael Tempesta’s statement released Tuesday morning:

“George Caccavaro was a substitute teacher for the Claremont School District between the dates of Feb. 1, 2017 and Feb. 5th, 2019.

“In early February 2019, the Claremont School District was made aware of the allegations that are the basis for the recent criminal charges against Mr. Caccavaro. The district moved expeditiously to investigate and ultimately separate Mr. Caccavaro from employment with the Claremont School District. The Claremont School District fully cooperated with the Claremont Police Department during the investigation.”

“The charges against this former employee are serious and deeply disturbing to the faculty and staff at SAU 6. Student safety is of paramount importance for the Claremont Public Schools.

“If parents, students or community members have information to share regarding this matter, or other matters concerning the safety and welfare of SAU 6 students, please contact us at SAU 6 at (603) 543-4200, or follow this link and write a confidential, detailed response and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

“Thank you for working with us to provide the best possible education and learning environments for our students!”

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