CLAREMONT — The following building permits were issued by the Claremont Planning and Zoning Office between Dec. 1, 2019 and March 6, 2020.


Jason and Sarah Beaudry, 155 Paddy Hollow Road, construct detached two-bay barn.

Taylor M. Anderson, 70 McCusker Place, install a new oil-fired furnace.

Gerard Desmarais Jr., 241 Old Church Road, new 200 service amp.

Valley Regional Healthcare Inc., 243 Elm St., add insulation frame wall sheetrock.

Atta Ullah, 98 Washington St., add smoke detectors to upstairs apartment.

Hewes & Sons Trucking Inc., 70 Central St., setting 118-gallon LP tank as customer is out of fuel from competitor.

Alberts Properties LLC, 73 Tremont St., upgrading space heater in the kitchen.

Irma Allen, 4 Gambier St., set 120-gallon propane tank.

Stella Pomykato, 30 Park Ave., installation of battery-operated smoke detectors, rework wires and make safe in basement that was removed during renovation, add GFI circuit for garage opener.

168 Charlestown Road LLC, rooftop units, make up air unit ductwork exhaust fans, mini split AC electric heaters.

Jan D. Dunn, 405 Chestnut St., replacing six antennas for newer models, swapping three existing remote radio units with newer models and adding another three RRUs for a total of six RRUs on the tower, adding ancillary equipment to support said models including a junction box.

Edward Jr. and Michele Johnson, 28 Ellis Lane, addition, new service wire.

Scott and Brenda Belcher, 35 Pine St., install generator, manual transfer device and flanged inlet.

Shannon Dube, 21 Holly Hill Road, hooking up drainage, ductwork.

Mirah S. Watson, Rita E. Metcalf, 11 Providence Ave., install new space heater, move existing.

John and Loretta Yurek, 13 Woonsocket Ave., replace drainage and water lines.

Todd VanMetre, 21 Clark St., Set three 120-gallon LP Tanks and install 115,000 BTU LP furnace.

GBRB Investments, 130 Elm St., build a two-car, 24 by 24-foot garage.

Brian Jr. and Rhonda Desmarais, 34 Grove St., new service, add extra meter for garage.

Robert Tatro, 66 Pleasant St., temporary insulating walls.

Stella Pomykato, 30 Park Ave., repair water damage, install sheetrock, flooring and kitchen cabinets and countertop.

Valley Regional Healthcare Inc., 243 Elm St., electrical ion the lab room.


Joseph Simina Jr., 220 Windsor Road, replace deck, two new windows and spray foam basement, new roof.

Gary and Katherine LaClair, 69 Paddy Hollow Road, 14 by 24-foot addition to garage.

Mary Pierson, 83 Red Water Brook Road, rebuild carport and wood shed.

Caron Felt Inc., 98 Plains Road, remove and replace two-inch ball valve at the liquid propane line for filling the propane tank.

Atta Ullah, 98 Washington St., install new gas line.

Ray F. Parker, 408 Sullivan St., install two garage doors north wall 11 and 12.

Erin and Charles Jones, 329 Sullivan St., replace existing asphalt shingle room and snowbelt with a new asphalt shingle roof and snowbelt.

Sandra Cragin, 48 Forest St., add bathroom to first floor, toilet and sink only.

Boguslaw Czopik, 174 Sullivan St., set 250 propane tank.

Claremont Holding Company LLC, 2 Spruce St., new water heater with mixing valves in both units.

One Water St. Capital LLC, 35 Crescent St., reline chimney with six-inch stainless steel tee and stainless steel cap.

Robert Tatro, 66 Pleasant St., added in new plumbing for three-bay sink, hand sink and utility sink, water line and hot water heater.

Alan and Rebecca Perahia, 12 Spofford St., replacing heater in Apartment 1.

Ellevan Properties LLC, 28 High St., install new service entrance and upgrade to facilitate having a panel in each apartment, upgrade wiring in Unit 3.

Village View Investments LLC, 5 Timson St., set 120 propane tank.

Global Montello Group/Alliance Energy, 127 Maple Ave., demolition of the steel pump island canopy in conjunction with the removal of the three underground storage tanks at the site.

Lawrence and Shirley Walsh, 24-26 McKenzie Ave., replacement windows.

LaValley’s Claremont Building Supply LLC, 155 Pleasant St., change 560 square feet of cold storage space to heated space and add a small mezzanine area within the old storage footprint.

LaValley’s Claremont Building Supply LLC, 155 Pleasant St., demolish 23 feet of non-structural wall between the interior store and back non-heated storage area and demolish mezzanine space to create space for a new heated store area in the La-

Valley Building store; electrical wiring and lighting for an existing space.

JB & Sons LLC, 30 Mann Court, close in existing porch and carport.

Norman Leblanc, 356 Old Newport Road, remove old boiler and replace.

Leo and Judith Couture, 65 Charlestown Road, remove existing aluminum siding, install new vinyl siding.

Senior Citizen Housing Development Corporation, doing business as Earl Bourdon Centre, 67 Maple Ave., removal of burned and smoke-damaged portico ceiling and miscellaneous sheetrock; remove and replace membrane roof over the kitchen.

David Byrne, 40 Durham Ave., bathroom renovation.

Lee Meserian, 168 Charlestown Road, install gas fireplace.

Casey Jones, 441 Chestnut St., install new chimney liner.


Denis Desilets, 28 Briggs St., sheet rock, flooring insulation, general rehabilitation, upgrade electrical outlets and wiring upgrade plumbing, convert one-half bathroom to full on second floor, install new heating oil system.

Amy Lavertue, 59 Myrtle St., replacing shingle roof with metal roof.

KFP Holdings LLC, 214 Washington St., emergency lights, outlets, interior lighting.

Cynthia Brault, 15 Pine St., electrical for garage due to a fire.

Dahal Ravil, 25 Cardinal Lane, window replacement.

BPOE Claremont Lodge 879, 54 Summer St., level out third floor ceiling and repair ceiling as required.

Charlotte Bemis, 1 Brookside Ave., new 100 amp service, 100 amp panel, change all outlets in the house.


Carbon Felt Inc., 98 Plains Road, electrical for the power for the felt furnace.

24 Barnes St. LLC, install new 200 amp overhead three-meter service, install new house panel.

Sandra Cragin, 48 Forest St., drainage, vent and water piping for new one-half bath located off dining room.

Susan Wyand, 119 Myrtle St., interior bathroom remodel, enlarge interior wall three feet, reconfigure plumbing, electrical, include upgrade to 200 amp service.

Robert Girard, 6 Grant St., bathroom renovation, new light fixture and exhaust fan.

Darcy Swan, 25 Keeley St., add one-half bathroom to existing space and install new low-flow toilet and sink.

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